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Interlocking Driveway Pavers for Creating a Warm Welcome


When you think about grand entrances, you typically imagine a front doorway. Creating a warm welcome, however, doesn’t have to involve just one element of your home. Reinvent first impressions with a paver driveway, which is sure to impart lasting beauty and value to your property. Interlocking pavers gracefully endure decades of wear, so you can expend less energy worrying about the condition of your driveway, and more time appreciating its welcoming effect.

Interlocking Pavers: The Details

Why choose concrete pavers for your driveway? This hardscape material is prized by contractors, landscape designers, and proud homeowners alike due to their ease of installation and maintenance, unrivaled durability, environmental friendliness, and their ability to adapt to nearly any design plan. Interlocking concrete pavers are laid side-by-side, and “locked” into place with sand. Since installing driveway pavers does not require mortar, the system is able to “flex” with the freeze/thaw cycles in the Northeast climates. A great fit for any application where you would lay brick, natural stone, or poured concrete, pavers achieve the same nicely paved surface but with more style options and life-cycle cost benefits.

Driveway Pavers for Years of Durable Use

Dating back to ancient Roman times, methods akin to the interlocking paver technique have been utilized to construct roads, many of which remain in stable condition today. Current manufacturing procedures have updated the time-tested interlocking method, ensuring high quality, consistent, and sturdy paver pieces for unmatched endurance. Driveways composed of brick, poured concrete, or blacktop will often crack due to shifting foundations, a byproduct of regional climates and seasonal weather patterns. Interlocking pavers are flexible enough to withstand such natural rhythms, including freeze-thaw cycles, as their interdependent relationship accommodates frequent movement. Permeable driveway pavers—another option with growing demand—permit rainwater and irrigation overspray to seep into the ground below, promoting natural water cycles while protecting your local water supply and landscape from harmful runoff. Finally, interlocking pavers guarantee decades of warm welcomes to your home, as their strength and flexibility grant an incredibly high load-bearing capacity.

Interlocking Pavers for a Warm, Welcoming Design

Replace virtually any other driveway paving material with concrete pavers and benefit from the which dazzling spectrum of shapes, colors, textures, and styles. Easily emulate a brick or natural stone driveway with concrete pavers manufactured to mimic such materials. For homeowners seeking a refined sophistication reminiscent to that of natural stone, Unilock Richcliff paver is an excellent choice. Create visual interest with striking paver patterns including herringbone, basket weave, circular, fan, and more. Borders, bands, and ribbon accents further elevate your driveway design, providing a refreshing “welcome home” from any journey, whether from a long weekend away or just around the corner.

Efficient and Cost-effective

Driveway pavers are a smart option for your home’s driveway, as their sturdiness, weather-resistance, and flexibility render maintenance and repair nearly effortless. When installed properly, driveway pavers require little more than a sweep and wash with water every so often, although tougher stains may be remedied by using a power washer. In the event an individual paver piece becomes chipped, cracked, or scratched, a straightforward spot treatment will do the trick: simply remove and replace the damaged paver.
Besides using interlocking pavers for a warm welcome aesthetically, they are also a solid investment since a paver driveway’s durability and ease of maintenance will help offset the upfront cost of materials and professional installation.

Advantages of interlocking pavers over other driveway material options include:
  • Available in stain- and oil-resistant varieties. Check out the Unilock EasyClean™ Stain Resistance here
  • Surface is slip-proof
  • Effective in any climate
  • High load-bearing strength under heavy vehicle traffic
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • Relatively easy to repair
  • Offer endless design options for creating a warm welcome to your home
  • A solid investment in terms of long term performance and resale value

With a warm, welcoming mood in tow, driveway pavers pack a big style and function punch for your home’s landscaping. But how do you take your ideas to the next level? Unilock is here to help you with that. For more inspiration and ideas, check out the jam-packed Design Ideas Catalog here. Next, contact a Unilock Authorized Contractor in your area for a free consultation and a guaranteed installation that will last a lifetime.

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