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Patio Pavers: Where Rich Texture Meets Great Design

Unilock pavers are renowned for their exquisite, realistic surface textures and for the stimulating effects they have, both visually and in terms of texture beneath bare feet. Incorporating rich textures into your poolside patio or outdoor kitchen is guaranteed to add dimension and personality to the hardscape design, especially when used as a powerful accent paver to smoother stones. Here are a few textured Unilock pavers that could be perfect additions to your hardscape.

Versatile Brussels Block Pavers

Brussels Block are simple in design, yet incredibly versatile. These pavers can be used to create cozy rustic patios or serve as textured accents to the clean-cut structures of more contemporary hardscape designs. Their wallstone counterpart, Brussels Dimensional System, can be used to craft an equally wide array of structures – from retaining walls to water features and fire pits. Brussels Block pavers can also be sourced in a variety of subtle colors that have the ability to complement virtually any color palette. The light Sandstone color variation utilized here creates a striking contrast against the dark soil nearby and is accentuated by a jet-black Series 3000 accent. This color variation is an excellent partner to natural landscapes, as vibrant greens and rich browns tend to highlight the sandy undertones of these pavers and truly allow them to stand out.

Authentic Beacon Hill Flagstone

Despite the luxurious beauty of natural stone, it can be too fragile for high-traffic areas and can also drastically increase the cost of your project. Beacon Hill Flagstone, however, is an excellent substitute for natural stone as it bears increased durability – four times that of poured concrete – and offers a more affordable option to natural stone as well. These pavers can be used for a wide variety of applications, from patio surfaces to driveways, and add a tranquil resort-like element to natural landscapes and poolside spaces. The Bavarian color variation used here accentuates the bright blue water. Used as a pool deck or poolside patio paver, Beacon Hill Flagstone’s textured finish provides a safe, non-slip surface.

Rustic Courtstone Pavers

Courtstone pavers bear a classic European appearance that serves to add a time-worn appeal to rustic patios and meandering walkways. These pavers are extremely compatible with green landscapes, as their irregular surfaces complement the natural shapes within any surrounding plants or flower beds. The beautiful variety of shades available are sure to accentuate a variety of landscape designs, while their various hues can also be paired with different jointing sand for a range of visual effects. A common shade that already exists within the landscape can be echoed within the jointing sand, drawing the entire landscape design together. Alternatively, a striking contrast can be created, by pairing dark Basalt pavers with tan colored sand, for example.

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Modern Treo Pavers

Treo pavers have pleasantly irregular surface textures, created using the finest technology from Unilock. As a result, these concrete pavers bear all the beauty and elegance of natural stone. Their clean-cut edges, however, complement the geometry of contemporary hardscape designs. These textured pavers can also serve as a relief from the large expanses of smooth stone that many modern hardscapes are built upon. The smoky shades in which these pavers can be sourced also contribute to their modern popularity. These colors complement the neutral upholstery and metal elements incorporated into modern decor. The luxurious appearance of these pavers make them perfect for bringing more of the indoors out.

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Traditional Copthorne Pavers

The small, linear design of Copthorne pavers make them excellent candidates for large expanses, as well as accents such as borders and banding. When used to create large, open spaces, these pavers can be laid in a variety of paver patterns that have different visual effects and can serve to make a patio seem longer, wider or more lively. Owing to Unilock Reala Surface Technology, these pavers bear exquisite surface textures drawn from real brick, and can be used to create classic red-brick driveways and walkways. These pavers can be found in a variety of rich shades that pair well with generously vegetated landscapes and are perfect for traditional homes. The Burnt Clay color variation is showcased here, echoing shades of the surrounding soil and accented by a light Brussels Block border.
Patio Pavers: Where Rich Texture Meets Great Design NY


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