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Creating the Perfect Driveway for Your Home

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Selecting the right driveway pavers can have a huge positive impact on curb appeal, as your driveway is often the first part of your landscape others see. Maximizing these first impressions with pavers allows homeowners to take advantage of the gorgeous design versatility, strength and durability, and ease of maintenance that comes with the products.
Aside from planning the overall aesthetic of your driveway, it’s imperative to take climate, timing, and budget considerations into account when choosing the perfect paving material and design. Depending on the size of your property, your home’s driveway can easily take up a good portion of the front yard landscape, so it’s worthwhile to learn the secrets of using pavers to create the perfect look.
When it comes to creating the perfect driveway for your home, pavers are an unbeatable option due to their climate adaptability, durability, ease of upkeep, and design flexibility. Unlike gravel, asphalt, poured concrete, and other common driveway surfaces, pavers allow for nearly endless aesthetic possibilities while retaining high functionality.


When installed by experienced professionals, paver driveways yield a beautiful and durable surface built to withstand consistent vehicular traffic. Different from the installation of a patio or walkway, paver driveways require a greater depth of excavation to allow for a thicker base of ¾” crusher run gravel. To ensure the best possible end project, be sure to hire a trained professional to design and install your new driveway. Unilock Authorized Contractors are required, by Unilock, to offer a minimum 2 year guarantee on their installations. That said, many Unilock Authorized Contractors stand behind their work with guarantees of 5 years or more. These contractors are able to provide this reassurance to their customers because of their extensive product and installation knowledge. As a side note, some local ordinances require a permit for driveway installations, so be sure to check your municipal building codes before beginning your paver project.

Performance, Durability, and Maintenance

Driveway pavers are manufactured to handle a spectrum of weather patterns, as sunlight, rain, and wind over time can easily deteriorate certain surface materials. Interlocking pavers are one of the best options for driveway projects in the Northeast because of their ability to withstand freeze-thaw cycles, maintain high weight-bearing capacity, and resist salt and de-icing chemicals. The surface and texture of pavers are often non-slip and waterproof. If water runoff is an issue, use eco-friendly permeable pavers, which allow water to seep into the ground below your driveway, preventing harmful pollutants from reaching rivers, streams, and municipal water supplies. Some permeable pavers allow grass to grow between them, lending a refreshing organic look to your landscape.
Due to their impressive climate adaptability, pavers create the perfect conditions for longevity, as they will not easily crack or break like other surface materials. Moreover, because pavers are a system of many individual units, repair is as simple as extracting out and replacing broken pavers. This is a huge advantage over other surfaces like poured concrete and asphalt.

Design Flexibility

Concrete pavers come in a variety of colors, textures, finishes, and styles to meet any landscape design plan. They can also be installed using numerous paver patterns which can be a very impactful design element for large open spaces like driveways. Using colors and textures that compliment the style of your home will help to achieve a cohesive overall design. Unilock—a premier manufacturer of concrete pavers and wall systems in the Northeast—offers endless design possibilities with a product line-up featuring:

  • Color palettes inspired by professional designers
  • Sleek, contemporary styles with clean lines
  • Old-world stone and classic weathered brick textures
  • A large selection of different shapes, sizes and laying patterns
  • Compatible borders, insets and accents offering a look that complements your home’s exterior
  • Matching wall products for walls, steps, seating and pillars that work perfectly with your paver choices

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Richcliff Picks Up Where Standard Concrete Pavers Leave Off

Although concrete pavers are ideal for driveways, their fallbacks include susceptibility to color-changing surface wear, staining over time, and design repetition due to mass manufacture. Unilock Richcliff paver pushes concrete pavers to a new level of quality, style, and durability. Featuring EnduraColor Plus—a unique layer of natural minerals blended into each paver stone, ensures color longevity and prevents fading, cracks, delamination, and peeling. Richcliff also features Unilock Reala Surface Technology, which saves your driveway from visual monotony by emulating textures of natural stone for an authenticity seldom found anywhere else on the market. Finally, Unilock innovative manufacturing process grants Richcliff its impressive strength—up to 4 times stronger than traditional poured concrete making Richcliff a great choice for driveway.

To read more about the Unilock superior manufacturing technology, visit this page.

With the right surface, you can elevate your driveway from a mere functional necessity to an impressive, landscape-transforming feature. Choose driveway pavers for a simple, durable, and tastefully versatile way to make a stunning first impression. Contact a Unilock Authorized Contractor to discuss how you can design the perfect driveway for your home.

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