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Driveways, Patios, and Walkways: Choosing the Right Concrete Paver

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Selecting a paver may seem like a simple task at first, but once you realize the sheer volume of choice available to you, it can become overwhelming. To make things simpler for you, the process can be broken down by taking into account several different points as guidelines. Below we’ll look at some of the ways you can narrow down your options and choose the best paver for your project.

Walkway Concrete Pavers in NY, NJ, PA, CT

Architectural Style

The first and perhaps most important thing to take into account is the architectural style of your home. It might be a good idea to narrow down your selection to between five and ten different pavers that match the architecture of your home. There are no strict rules, but certain pavers just go better with certain styles over others and other pavers seem to clash with the architecture. A neat Cape Cod style home, for example, may look strange when paired with a randomized flagstone driveway, whereas flagstone would be perfectly suited to a home in the more relaxed Craftsman style. Likewise, brick-style pavers might look out of place with the architecture of a modern home, but the sleek granite look and clean lines of Artline pavers would be ideal.

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Landscape or Patio Design Theme

You can narrow down your selection even further by taking into account the design style of your landscape. If you’re paving your patio first with the intention of redesigning your landscape afterward, make sure you choose a style of paver than doesn’t limit your options too much. Otherwise, you can go ahead and pick something that matches the theme you’re going for. As an example, Unilock’s Copthorne Pavers, with its weathered brick style and warm reds would be the perfect paver for a Rustic, Farmyard, Cottage or even Industrial landscape design style. On the other hand, the feminine elegance of Richcliff Pavers is a good match for the Shabby Chic style patio.

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Laying Pattern

The next thing you’ll have to take into account is what kind of patterning you’d like to go with. The laying pattern is dependent on the sizes and shapes that a paver is available in. This can range from anything from a running bond pattern, to a herringbone, to a random laying pattern for a more organic look. The laying pattern really comes down to personal preference, although certain patterns can enhance your theme. For example, a neatly ordered grid pattern wouldn’t be quite as effective with a Rustic theme as a random pattern. Another thing to watch out for with laying patterns is that they don’t clash too much with the patterns in your existing hardscape. Different laying patterns can also be used from area to area to differentiate outdoor spaces, for example to denote a walkway from a driveway, or an entertainment area from an outdoor kitchen.

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Choosing According to Color

Color is an excellent guide for picking any material for your home and especially so when deciding on pavers. There are a couple ways to do this. Firstly you can match the color of your paver of choice to other permanent features of your home or landscape. Driveways, walkways and patios can normally be matched to the color of the roof. A slate roof, for example would go well with a driveway built from the dark smoothness of Unilock’s Courtstone’s Basalt variation. Unfortunately, colors are sometimes hard to match exactly and so tend to clash instead. In this case, rather than trying to match the colors, an intentional contrast can be created. Lights with darks, warm colors with cool colors etc. Another way of matching pavers according to color is to embed accents that are continued in the environment. E.g. repeating a hint of blue that is used in your flowerbeds. In this case, accents can be added in the borders or with the odd paver here and there, not necessarily the whole surface.

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Suitable Durability

Lastly, be sure to select a paver with a suitable durability for its purpose. For areas of high traffic, be sure to invest in a paver with a suitable surface treatment that won’t wear away over time. For driveways where heavy vehicles will stand, a paver that can take that weight is necessary. And in areas of near constant sun exposure, an anti-fade surface is highly recommended. Fortunately, with our EnduraColor Surface Technology and Ultima Concrete Technology, you get all of these things, making your decision that little bit easier.

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