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These Hardscape Designs Demonstrate the Superiority of Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone

The Unilock range of premium quality natural stone is not only timeless, but imbued with incredible flexural strength, low water absorption and freeze-thaw durability. Exploit the versatility of these authentic quarried stones, as their varied colors and textures make them ideal for a great range of applications. Here are some examples of the Sandstone and Limestone available to homeowners.

Sandstone in contemporary hardscape designs

This sleek patio has been created using Indian Coast Sandstone – a popular choice for contemporary hardscape designs. This stone pairs well with the deep greens found in nature and is often incorporated into well vegetated landscapes. The warm brown shades within the wooden furniture serve to highlight some of the golden undertones within the natural stone. Indian Coast Sandstone can be used to make an area appear lighter and airier, and brings luxurious elements of the indoors to patios and pool decks. The fresh white upholstery used here has a similar visual effect and is an excellent companion to the Sandstone.

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Recreating current trends with limestone

This patio showcases the contemporary flair of Limestone in the Hearthstone color variation. These muted stones pair beautifully with the red brick structures nearby, creating a truly cutting-edge contrast. Pops of color in the accent pillows are used to further contrast the cool grey stones. The thick, dark jointing lines between the pavers serve to draw attention to the patio floor, allowing the natural stone to act as a focal point within the landscape.

The pleasant textures of sandstone

This stairway has been created using Indian Coast Sandstone and topped with textured Ledgestone coping. The dents in the coping serve to complement the varied textures that span each natural stone surface. The Rivercrest Wall retaining wall has also been added to contribute the textures of stacked flagstone. This allows for a more cohesive hardscape that looks more authentic and natural. The Indian Coast color variation complements the siding of the home, while the grey planters and retaining walls create a pleasant contrast. Their presence breaks up large areas of brown stone and adds variation to the color palette of the hardscape.

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The powerful look of dark limestone

The Black River Limestone used to create these steps have a powerful essence of luxury and elegance. They contrast the brown planters and red bricks beautifully, allowing their rich hues to stand out. However, black is an incredibly versatile color, making these stones ideal candidates for almost any hardscape design. Dark jointing material was used to blur the boundaries between individual stones and create a sleeker surface.

Using natural stone in rustic landscape designs

This is a Sandstone patio that showcases the potential of natural stone in rustic designs. No two quarried stones are identical, resulting in surfaces that bear varying colors and textures. These stones have also been obtained in a variety of sizes and have been laid in a seemingly random pattern. The spontaneous design of this patio floor enables it to blend into the surrounding nature, creating a hidden dining area that feels secluded from the stresses of the modern world.

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Cool limestone for your relaxing getaway

This lakeside patio showcases the sleek, relaxed look of Hearthstone Limestone. The blue undertones in these pavers complement the adjacent lake and, when paired with white recliners, contribute to a beachy or seaside look. The homeowner has opted for deep blue accent pillows that help to bring these cool hues to the forefront, exploiting their tranquil effect. These cool undertones also allow the vibrant greens of the lawn to ‘pop’. These stones are also relatively smooth and have therefore been paired with a sleek Lineo Dimensional Stone landscape wall and pillars.

Adding interest to small spaces

Many homeowners are faced with the problem of a small backyard with little potential or a barren space in which vegetation refuses to grow. Rather than covering these spaces in concrete, make them intriguing with the shades and textures of natural stone. The Indian Coast Sandstone used here makes the area seem more spacious by contributing lighter hues to the design. Large format pavers also tend to visually expand a small outdoor room. The distressed wooden planters, textured pebbles and trees all pair excellently with the Sandstone surface.
These Hardscape Designs Demonstrate the Superiority of Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone NY

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