6 Outdoor Living Spaces That Take Luxury To A New Level


Being in the backyard doesn’t mean that you should be roughing it. Your patio and poolside should be extensions of the home and should echo the same level of luxury. Here are a few luxurious outdoor spaces to enhance your vision for your landscape.


Elegant comfort

This backyard design retains its natural appeal while incorporating luxurious modern elements. The area has been covered in Unilock Rivenstone pavers which can be substituted by a number of alternatives that are available in New Jersey, such as Umbriano or Beacon Hill Smooth pavers. A hot tub sheltered beneath a wooden pergola offers resort-like relaxation and a quick escape from daily stressors. The white outdoor curtains enclosing the hot tub add a bohemian touch to the design. A small table nearby serves as an excellent conversation spot from which to enjoy a warm morning with a cup of coffee, while a vibrant yellow umbrella shields you from the sun.


Decked-out kitchens

This poolside patio and outdoor kitchen showcase Unilock Brussels Block pavers. These pavers bear rough-hewn textures and irregular edges which grant them an antiqued appearance as well as timeless elegance. This outdoor kitchen features a grill and pizza oven, as well as numerous appliances encased in a beautiful angled bar. Deep green banding runs the length of the counter, creating visual flow throughout the structure and complementing the sandy tones within the pavers. The light wood incorporated into the pergola, bar stools and recliners add visual warmth to the space and complement the vibrant orange within the accent pillows and umbrella.

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Contemporary luxury

This patio incorporates a variety of sleek materials that create a modern, well-designed and luxurious space. Unilock Sandstone in the Indian Coast color variation is showcased here, shaping elegant steps that are softly highlighted by small light fixtures. The furniture showcases the stunning combination of wood and white upholstery, while the tall concrete pots house perfectly manicured shrubs. The defining feature of this luxurious outdoor space is its resemblance to clean, comfortable indoor spaces.

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Finding luxury in rustic textures

The Copthorne pavers utilized to create this sophisticated outdoor area have irregular edges and textures that add interest and rustic appeal to any hardscape. These textures are echoed in the hardy wicker chairs incorporated into the furniture arrangement. The entire outdoor area mimics the adjacent home, utilizing similar shades and shapes in the architecture of the luxurious pergola. In addition to its rich color and stunning appearance, this patio floor is guaranteed to withstand the test of time as Copthorne pavers are renowned for being virtually indestructible.


Soft lighting for luxurious evening appeal

The small light fixtures and lanterns utilized within this hardscape design make evenings more intimate and beautiful by bathing the area in warm, soft light. Upholstered chairs and sofas add to the luxurious appearance of the patio, while some are sheltered beneath a majestic pergola. The textures and shades within the wood are echoed within the frames of the wicker sofas. Four plush chairs surround a geometric fire pit that serves to energize evenings even further. The sharp, uniform edges of the fire pit add a modern touch to its design. Rivenstone pavers cover this patio floor, however, Unilock alternatives such as Thornbury and Treo pavers are similarly textured and are available in New Jersey. The short pillars that end off the low walls enclosing different spaces serve to hold pot plants that add further color to the design.


Catering to the tastes of every guest

When it comes to luxury, the size and extent of your outdoor space is important. This patio, with different outdoor rooms on multiple levels, is able to fulfill a wide variety of functions. The outdoor kitchen, surrounded by comfortable bar stools, caters to those who prefer to socialize with the cook and watch the food being prepared. Sheltered by an awning, this ceiling fan serves as the perfect accent to the luxurious space. Nearby, a fire pit serves to warm cold hands and provides the perfect ambiance for the conversations that follow. At the top of the elegant staircase lies comfortable upholstered chairs and a sheltered dining area. Numerous pieces of furniture synonymous with indoor living are incorporated into this outdoor space, including a tall lamp.

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6 Outdoor Living Spaces That Take Luxury To A New Level