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Heavy Duty Retaining Walls Can Look Great Too

Crafting an exceptionally durable material that can withstand harsh weather and heavy loads often leads to compromised beauty and aesthetic style. These retaining walls from Unilock, however, have paired unbeatable durability with unique, stunning surfaces. Consider adding strength to your beautiful hardscape with the following materials.

Rivercrest Wall

Rivercrest Wall is a popular choice where green, rustic landscapes are concerned. This concrete structure mimics the natural beauty of stacked flagstone that has been used to create retaining walls for centuries. Despite the soft neutrality of the Buff and Coastal Slate color variations, retaining walls created from this material are guaranteed to stand out with their incredibly textured surfaces. The irregularity of the stones within these retaining walls, as well as the way in which individual units protrude from the structure, give the end product a natural, highly detailed look. Rivercrest Wall can be used to create winding structures that complement the organic shapes and textures of the surrounding landscape. This retaining wall showcases the excellent contrast created by the Coastal Slate color variation and the vibrant greens or earthy browns within the plant beds and lawn. This is further enhanced with the use of Ledgestone Coping, providing hand carved stone detail and color contrast.

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This low wall is not only incredibly sturdy, but also bears a smooth, elegant surface perfect for modern hardscape designs. The subtle Natural shade in which these units can be sourced refrains from drawing too much attention, allowing the surrounding plants and vibrant flowers to serve as focal points. Individual blocks of different widths can be placed side by side to add visual interest and a random appearance to the wall, one of the many benefits of Durahold that can’t be imitated using poured concrete.

Lineo Dimensional Stone

Lineo Dimensional Stone is the perfect retaining wall material for modern, minimalist hardscapes that incorporate geometric shapes and clean edges into their designs. This retaining wall serves to showcase the stunning contrast created between smooth, cool colors of Limestone Lineo Dimensional Stone and the warm, textured wooden fence nearby. This sophisticated retaining wall, together with the ornate pots and candlesticks and the plush, upholstered furniture, bring luxurious elements of the indoors to this outdoor space. The understated water feature shown here demonstrates this material’s versatile array of applications, from retaining walls to sleek fire features. It can also be sourced in three muted shades that are guaranteed to suit almost any furniture arrangement or decor.

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Estate Wall

Estate Wall offers its own array of uniquely stimulating textures and color variations, adding historical elegance to almost any landscape. This incredibly versatile wall material allows the green hues within surrounding nature to truly ‘pop’, while mimicking the grainy textures within the surrounding soil. Estate Wall is an excellent candidate for creating a cohesive, well-designed masterpiece in your backyard.

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Brussels Dimensional Stone

Brussels Dimensional Stone bears exquisitely textured surfaces that grant it a subtle, antiqued look. This time-worn appearance contrasts nicely against modern hardscape designs and often serves to add variation to the design. These pavers are incredibly durable with great versatility and aesthetic potential. Consider incorporating this ashy Almond Grove color variation into your modern landscape for a uniquely classic touch. The smooth stretch of Brussels Fullnose coping topping this low wall demonstrates its potential in providing additional seating space.


SienaStone is the perfect candidate for a tranquil outdoor getaway with a rugged touch. These heavy duty wall units can be used to create stunning retaining walls, steps and sweeping curves, bearing uniquely natural tones and textures. This material is not only beautiful, but can withstand any number of stresses and storms. Consider pairing the sandy Sierra color variation with striking black metallic elements for a current design that packs a visual punch.

Concord Wall

Concord Wall is the perfect element with which to punctuate a stunning suburban paradise. These clean-edged pavers can be used to create neat retaining walls to complement your manicured lawns and hedges. Concord Wall can be sourced in the warm Sierra shade or the cooler Granite and Almond Grove color variations to suit your existing hardscape and architectural style. This retaining wall material can also bear great loads, making it a perfect candidate for short pillars upon which heavy pot plants and lighting fixtures can be placed.

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Heavy Duty Retaining Walls Can Look Great Too NY

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