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6 Ideas for Patio Designs with Unique Flair

6 Ideas for Patio Designs with Unique Flair

If you’re thinking of updating your hardscape and looking for patio designs that would create a one-of-a-kind experience, these design tips may be just what you need. A Unilock Authorized Contractor can help to create a design perfectly suited to your family’s lifestyle and will be able to incorporate these next-level design principles to ensure a unique and stunning hardscape:

Unexpected Texture Combinations

Combining textures that aren’t ordinarily used together can help to set your hardscape apart. Sleek modern textures, such as those presented by Umbriano, Senzo, or Series pavers, for example, can be combined with richly textured pavers, such as Richcliff or Thornbury, to create an eye-catching effect. Similarly, Copthorne pavers, with their timeworn brick style, can be an interesting complement to the realistic flagstone texture of Beacon Hill Flagstone. Whether these pavers are used to complement one another as accents or you choose to visually separate each outdoor room by using a different paver, these contrasting textures can make a huge difference to the outcome of your project.

Bold Color Contrasts

Similarly, using colors that contrast and highlight one another is a great way to create an attention-grabbing hardscape. Whether you go for the simple light/dark contrast of Courtstone in the Basalt color option and Brussels Block in Sandstone, or the colorful contrast of Bristol Valley in the Bavarian shade with Town Hall in Burgundy Red, the effect on the senses is powerful. You can use this technique to create thick borders consisting of multiple colors and types of pavers, or add simple, single course banding to the vertical features of your hardscape.

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Unique Shapes and Layout Style

An expert landscape designer will be able to create a layout for your patio that makes the best use of available space while adding visual interest to your backyard with its outline. Contact a Unilock Authorized Contractor today for help planning and executing your dream landscape design. Sometimes subtle details—a curve here, a meandering line there—can add loads of character and keep the layout of your landscape interesting throughout. Curves, and even interesting geometric designs with straight lines, can help to enhance the natural contours of the landscape, contribute to an aesthetic theme, and capture the imagination by leading the eye and drawing people out into the yard.

Multiple Levels and Vertical Interest

Adding multiple levels to your hardscape design can help to create depth and visual interest. By using wall units with rich textures and character for the vertical drops between levels, the effect can be even more outstanding. Estate Wall from Unilock, for example, offers the rugged appearance of aged natural rock. This wall unit can also be combined with a coping option, such as Ledgestone, to create pillars, seating walls, and steps to provide easy transitions between levels. Alternatively, you can connect the various levels of your hardscape with single unit steps, such as Unilock Limestone or Sandstone Natural Edge Step units.


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Decoration Built into the Hardscape

Unilock pavers and wall units offer such vibrant detail that in many cases they serve as decoration in and of themselves. This can be taken to the next level by incorporating paver inlays, accents, decorative borders, or combining two outdoor rooms using an interesting transition between the two. In addition, features like fire pits and fireplaces serve as stunning pieces of built-in ornamentation. Unilock offers a wide range of pre-built Fireplaces and Firepit Kits for just this purpose. You can choose from fireplace designs as diverse as the Tuscany, Barcelona, and Bella models, each offering a unique style, from Mediterranean to modern, and featuring stunning Unilock wall units, such as Brussels Dimensional System, Lineo Dimensional Stone and Rivercrest Wall. Unilock Firepit Kit designs include the Rivercrest Firepit Kit, the Romanstack Firepit Kit, and the Sunset Firepit Kit. Unilock wall units can also be used to create stunning customized water features, ranging from pool-integrated features to pondless waterfalls. By allowing the materials used to create your hardscape to speak for themselves, you can reduce the need for additional decor and thereby reduce clutter and create a more streamlined outdoor area.

Merging Modern and Traditional

While the difference between two separate design themes is often clear and distinct, occasionally styles blend into one another and combine in new and interesting ways. For example, merging modern and traditional style conventions can result in some unexpected and beautiful designs. Rivercrest Wall, for instance, presents the rich and natural appearance of stacked flagstone, which is typically associated with rustic and traditional themes. However, this vibrant wall unit can be combined with the modern aesthetic of Umbriano pavers to create a gorgeous marriage of styles. Or take the linear, contemporary appearance of Artline pavers and introduce it into a landscape design full of fluid lines and sweeping curves. Connect with a Unilock Authorized Contractor today to explore these ideas and more, and give your landscape the unique flair you’re after.

The title image features a Beacon Hill Flagstone pool deck and patio with Copthorne accents and Estate Wall verticals.


6 Ideas for Patio Designs with Unique Flair


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