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A Greener Choice: Advantages of Permeable Paving

You may not think of concrete pavers as an eco-friendly product. But more and more homeowners are discovering the environmental benefits of permeable pavers. Not only are they durable and aesthetically pleasing, they can play an important role in the management and conservation of rainwater.

Here’s why permeable pavers make sense in our green-conscious environment:

Reduce water in storm drains – When it rains, all of that water literally goes down the drain into sewer systems, which can get overstressed in a major storm event. Permeable pavers help to reduce the amount of water flowing into storm drains, and alleviate the pressure on sewer infrastructure.

Keep pollutants out of streams and rivers – Sewer water flows into streams, rivers, lakes and reservoirs carrying with it litter and toxic pollutants such as oil and chemicals. Permeable pavers improve the quality of water runoff by naturally filtering pollutants out before rainwater gets to the waterways.

Help meet restrictions on impervious surfaces – Municipalities are placing limits on the impervious surface space you are allowed on your property. Some are imposing a stormwater tax based on the amount of impervious surface you have. With permeable pavers you can have a large patio, pool deck or driveway, and possibly even save money.

Allow you to harvest rainwater for your own use – A rainwater collection system can be installed beneath your paver project to supply water to inground sprinkler systems or for other water uses.

How permeable pavers work

The shape of the paver allows for larger gaps between the stones, which in turn permits water to rapidly drain through the surface into a gravel base. The gravel serves as a filtration system that reduces and removes pollutants from the water before it is naturally absorbed back into the ecosystem.

Bring beauty to your home while doing good

The first to introduce permeable pavers, Unilock offers the widest selection in North America. Choose from styles like Town Hall, Eco-Priora and Tribeca Cobble to bring the same charm and curb appeal to your property while benefiting the environment.

Water is one of our most precious resources. It’s critical that we make water-wise decisions to help conserve and reuse it whenever possible. Talk to a Unilock Authorized Contractor about permeable pavers for your property today.

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