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Firepits and fire features - warmth and beauty all year long

Few things are more inviting than the flickering flames of an outdoor fire, especially when the days grow shorter and there is a nip in the air. Integrating fire pits, fireplaces or other decorative fire features into your outdoor patio spaces add warmth and create an ambience that is impossible to resist.

Fire pits

Campfire songs anyone? A low-profile fire pit allows your guests to enjoy radiating heat from an open backyard fire. Beautifully crafted paver stones not only create a stand-out feature, but also surround and contain your fire pit – keeping everyone at a safe distance from the flames. Outdoor pits can be square or circular. Encircle your fire pit with a half wall that doubles as seating. Then, bring out the plush pillows, heavy blankets and don’t forget the marshmallows.


Gather your favorite stargazers around a stunning showpiece fireplace. Unilock® pre-built fireplaces come complete with a stainless steel firebox, pipe and metal termination cap. Fireplaces can also be custom-built to fit into your landscape design. Add comfy seating, cozy blankets and bowls of popcorn and your outdoor living room is complete.


Firewalls or fire tables add structure and elegance to any space. They can be used to anchor pillars, and distinguish outdoor “rooms.” Install a fire feature in a half wall to separate an outdoor eating area from a seating space. Create an ambience of intimacy with a firewall in a small patio area. Build a fire feature into your front patio to warmly greet evening visitors.

Wood-fired pizza ovens

Deliciously rustic, wood-fired pizza is a unique culinary experience. Build your pizza oven right into a countertop surface of your outdoor kitchen, or as a traditional brick, free-standing feature of your backyard – and you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood.

Fire is the element that draws people together. Let us help you incorporate the charm of fire features into your outdoor living spaces. Connect with a Unilock Authorized Contractor for a free estimate or design consultation.

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