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Benefits of EasyClean Technology

EasyClean™ technology keeps its promise of easier,
faster clean-ups

Just like natural stone, pavers have fine capillaries that can trap dirt, liquids and other substances like ketchup, BBQ sauce, coffee, mustard, wine, motor oil, and wet leaves. If allowed time to settle into the paver, they can be difficult to clean and may even leave a stain. That’s why there’s EasyClean, a proprietary technology from Unilock that makes paver clean-ups faster and easier.


Stain resistance is baked right in

EasyClean is a specially developed sealant that is actually infused into the paver during the manufacturing process, making the paver less penetrable and more resistant to staining all the way through.

EasyClean helps to prevent liquid and dirt from being absorbed into the stone, allowing for easier clean-up of spills and significantly reducing the chances of them becoming unsightly stains. Paver surfaces require less cleaning overall, and marks can be quickly and easily removed with water and gentle external cleaners.


No need for topical sealants

An after-market sealant only coats the surface of the paver. Because EasyClean protection is already an integral part of the paver, you get deep
stain resistance without having to apply a topical sealant (which can be a little tricky).

Over time, EasyClean pavers weather considerably better than pavers treated with a sealer – and they never require repeat applications.


There’s an EasyClean paver just right for your paver project

Wondering where to find pavers with EasyClean? Unilock has an excellent selection of paver lines created with EasyClean technology to help you achieve
the look you want for your paver project.

The large format slabs of Arcana are on-trend for patios, pool surrounds, walkways, roof decks and overlay projects.

For a casual, rustic look, choose Bristol Valley, available in warm earthy tones and random sizes. There are also large-format size options to create an outdoor paver space with an expansive, uncluttered appearance.

The granite-like surface appearance make Umbriano a popular choice for sleek, modern projects.


Head outdoors where the living is easy

No one wants to spend their leisurely time outdoors cleaning. Talk to a Unilock contractor about Unilock pavers with EasyClean technology today
and make outdoor living easier on yourself.



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