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How to Add Pavers to an Existing Patio

Do you live in a brand new home that was sold to you with a concrete patio? Or, perhaps you moved into a mature home with an existing patio that is still in good condition? In either of these situations, homeowners often find that the current outdoor living space isn’t a perfect fit with their family’s needs. Either it’s too small, not functional or the design doesn’t reflect their personal style.

So, what’s the solution? We’d recommend adding onto the existing patio with pavers. Here are some tips and tricks to do so, so that the expansion looks like it was there all along and it doesn’t break the bank:

  • Use a color that picks up the colors in the existing patio. For example, if your current patio uses brown or tan tones, consider paver colors that pick up these tones. Most of our Unilock paver products use a blend of colors like tan, buff and grey in one single product. Always ask what the breakdown is, this way you can tell if similar colors are used in your home’s exterior brick or siding.

PRO TIP: Always bring home samples to lay next to the existing patio and your home – this will also allow you to assess if the textures work well together too.

  • Separate your new space from the old by adding a small decorative wall to your outdoor space. Seat walls or garden walls often help define different “rooms” in an outdoor space and is a good way to transition between different concrete products. They also draw the eye to different elements and there will be less focus on the two different products used in your space.

PRO TIP: A seat wall not only helps you create different rooms, it also adds function to your outdoor space with extra seating aside from your patio furniture. The bonus is you don’t need to worry about storing it all winter!

  • Similar to a wall, adding elevations in your space from existing patio to new is also a great solution and way to transition the space. If your current patio is right off of your back door, considering adding steps from that down to a fire pit or barbeque area. Different elevations make it less obvious that different products were used.
  • Add a border to the entire space (yes, including the existing patio). One consistent border throughout the entire old and new space will make the entire design tie in together and look intentional.

PRO TIP: With a border, you can use a contrasting color for visual interest

  • If you’re having a hard time visualizing how the new patio will blend with the old, ask your contractor to render the project in a 3D Design. This will show you what the project will look like long before the construction starts.

In any of these instances, we’d suggest working with a skilled landscape contractor to ensure:

  • Excavation is done to proper standards and considers the slope for proper drainage
  • A proper base is installed for top performance and longevity
  • Edge restraints are used
  • The right amount of product and material is ordered
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