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Incorporating a water feature into your landscape design

Few things soothe the soul like the sound of gently flowing water. Imagine a waterfall cascading from a curved wall in your pool area. Or a luxurious fountain to accent your backyard patio. How about a pond placed alongside your patio walkway?

Here are some considerations for bringing a water feature into your landscape design.

Start by choosing your pavers

If your water feature is placed near or blended into the design of your patio or pool deck, begin by choosing the pavers that will best complement your home and your personal taste.

Your style may be the modern contemporary lines of Lineo Dimensional Stone, the elegant glamour of Richcliff, or the classic brick with Town Hall. You may be leaning to a natural theme. Brussels Dimensional System is the perfect mix of tumbled natural stone appeal and warm coloring. Maybe a rustic, weathered “Old World” style is more suitable to your home’s architecture. Courtstone is the perfect choice for an old world design.

Color matters

As a base, consider a neutral color, one that complements the rest of your hardscaping. Your paver accents can be similar in tone or different with boldly contrasting colors. For example, with soft grey or natural sandy-hued wall, a deep red or darker grey creates visual interest without standing out too strongly.

Work your way up

The next step in your design is creating the vertical components that will house your water feature. There are so many options. How about a half wall with a waterfall pouring into a pool, a pond, or a base of tumbled stone? Perhaps you’re envisioning a fountain that graces your front entrance, accents a pond or is integrated as part of your fire pit.

Whatever your vision, the best place to start is with a versatile Unilock wall system such as the Brussels Dimensional System. This line features multi-sized tapered components for flexible, easy construction of curved walls, fireplaces, steps and much more.

Top it off with coping

Coping – the paver stones or concrete material that caps off a shelf or a wall – provides the perfect finish to a wall-integrated water feature. Whether the feature is a fountain placed upon a platform or a waterfall that cascades down a low wall or a retaining wall, an attractive coping selection is essential. Beyond its visual appeal, coping protects the integrity of the vertical system, and offers a functional purpose as well. Depending on the design of your vertical element, coping can provide a spot for extra seating or to place decorative plants.

Enhance the effects

Did you know that the sound of water landing on stones can vary depending on the density of the stone? Before choosing a rock base, listen to the sounds different stones make when hit by a stream of water to find the one you like best for your tranquil soundtrack.

You might also consider adding a light system to your water feature structure to enhance the effects of the falling water.

Work with a professional

Adding a water feature to your landscape design is a significant endeavor. Working with a professional on your side ensures that your finished design matches your vision. Then the only thing left to do is immerse yourself in the soothing ambience of your outdoor oasis.

Connect with a Unilock Authorized Contractor today to bring your ideas for your custom-designed water feature to life.


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