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Before and After – The Backyard Edition

What will your dream backyard look like? It can be hard to envision the transformation of your retreat where you’ll relax, spend time with family and friends, and soak up the sun’s rays.

Take a look at these incredible makeovers and draw inspiration for what could be your very own backyard escape.

1. The Dream Backyard

Location: New York
Designer/Authorized Contractor: Hummel’s Landscape (Jeff Hummel’s Design)

When you have a sprawling backyard, you have the luxury to dream big – in a fantasy kind of way.

Before the renovation, this yard was a blank canvas with only a few trees in the distance. Hummel’s Landscape created an elegant, curved patio that starts beneath the deck and expands outwards where it hugs an inviting pool with jacuzzi. A firepit feature was added to the left of the pool completing this secluded oasis-type setting.

Hummel’s Landscape took this backyard and made it the perfect stay-cation.

Products: Beacon Hill Flagstone with Brussels Block XL border.


2. Small Spaces. Amazing Creations

Location: Ontario
Designer: Whitby Shores Landscaping

A smaller outdoor space can still have big impact. If you are trying to decide between a water feature or a pool, you can have both! The key is to be strategic with your design.

Whitby Shores Landscaping gave this urban space, which featured only a small outdoor shed and a few shrubs, a fresh new life. A spacious pool was added, surrounded by an updated pool patio with Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers with a Brussels Fullnose accent. The addition of the U-Cara water feature created a relaxing ambience and helped transform this family backyard into perfect outdoor retreat.

Products: Beacon Hill Flagstone with Brussels Fullnose and a U-Cara Pitched Face.


3. The All-Inclusive Backyard

Location: Ontario
Designer: Hollandale Landscaping

A blank slate like this one invites unlimited possibilities. The redesign did not disappoint.

Hollandale Landscaping used this sprawling backyard to their full advantage. A beautiful pool patio was created using Umbriano Slab pavers and Town Hall pavers for a distinctive accent. Two outdoor lounging areas provide different views of the backyard, while a third is tucked in a gorgeous private cabana. A pergola-covered outdoor kitchen with BBQ and counter seating creates occasions for alfresco dining. Finally, a show-stopping vertical fireplace rounds out the all-inclusive amenities of this incredibly luxurious space.

Products: Umbriano Slab with Town Hall accents.

What will your imagination dream up? Talk to a Unilock Authorized Contractor to help you design and create the backyard you’ll never want to leave.


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