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Combining Fire and Water in Your Landscape

“Let the sky lead me, the land ground me, the fire cleanse me, and the water feed me.”
Emily R. King

You’ve imagined your outdoor oasis – where all the elements conspire to create a space that draws people in and encourages lingering long after the day melts into the night. Should you add a fire or a water feature – or does your landscape plan beg for both?

Think of it…the warmth of flickering flames set off by the soothing sounds of trickling water. Like Yin and Yang, these two opposing elements can bring balance – and a touch of drama – to your outdoor spaces.

Impress at the entrance

Pillars can heighten the appearance of your driveway, entranceway or gateway creating a stunning first impression. Anchoring half walls with pillars made from Estate Wall not only helps to define the space, but also to break hard lines. For something very special, set off your pillars with a fire feature on top and a water fountain below.

Make a statement by the pool

Grace your pool deck with a gentle waterfall pouring into the pool from a single half wall or from three short pillars with fire bowls perched on top. The reflection of the flames in the shimmering water at night will add to the ambiance. You might even consider incorporating a light system to enhance the effects.

Nearby, a circular seat wall frames a fire pit where swimmers can warm themselves after an evening dip. The timeless warmth and relaxed appearance of the Brussels Dimensional System can help your vision come to life. This versatile Unilock line features multi-sized tapered components for flexible, easy construction of curved walls, fireplaces, water features steps and much more.

Dancing flames and cascading water

Recreate indoor living room comfort with a classic-style outdoor fireplace that radiates with warmth and charm. Flank your hearth with half-wall pillars and add a water feature to each for a captivating sensory play. Much like this Tuscany fireplace, that incorporates a water feature on each side. Surround your beautiful focal point with inviting details such as a deep sectional sofa with plush cushions, end tables and an outdoor area rug.

Create the elements of surprise in your outdoor living spaces with a beautiful pairing of fire and water features. Talk to a Unilock design consultant about bringing your unique ideas to your hardscaping plan.

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