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Six Tips for Paver Project Management

Every hardscaping project requires strong management and oversight to ensure everyone is satisfied with the end result – especially you, the homeowner. You may not be the one laying the pavers, but you are considered an essential part of the team.

Here are six ways you can help your hardscaping team get the job done on time and on budget.

  1. Establish a workable budget – To begin with, establish an amount that you’re comfortable spending. Ask your contractor to provide a good/better/best version of the project. You can also request a budget that breaks your project into several stages. Then you can determine if the estimate reflects your actual budget and adjust from there. There may even be an opportunity to go on a payment plan so you don’t have to pay for your entire project right away.
  2. Agree on a reasonable timeline – If you have a deadline when your project must be completed, share this date with your contactor. Together you can determine if the timing will work for the scale of the job. Keep in mind that inclement weather can delay work, and rain days must be factored into the schedule. If the timeline is reasonable from the start, your project may be completed earlier than expected!
  3. Set the ground rules – As your paver project gets underway, you will be seeing a lot of your contractor’s crew on your property daily. Agree to the ground rules before the project begins. What time will work start and end each day? What is the crew’s daily clean-up routine? Where will the products and equipment be stored on the site? Will they require access to your home or garage?
  4. Communicate with the right contact – It’s natural to want to tell the nearest person if you have concerns about your project, but that does not necessarily mean it will be addressed. Establish in advance, whom to contact with questions and concerns. If you see something amiss with your paver project, reach out to your contact right away so the issue receives attention.
  5. Accept that things may not go as planned – Even the best managed projects occasionally run into unforeseen circumstances. Ask your contractor what the procedure is for handling changes. Should the project be slowed by an unexpected surprise, it can be dealt with in a reasonable manner.
  6. Spread the word – Referrals and recommendations are pure gold to any business. If you’re happy with the completed project, be sure to recommend your contractor to friends and neighbors.

Bonus tip. Protect your hardscaping investment by registering for your Unilock product warranty at Unilock.com.

If you keep these project management tips in mind, everyone on your team will be working in unison to achieve a stunning finished paver feature that reflects the pride of a job well done.

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