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Amazing Patio Designs in Bedford Hills, Somers, White Plains, and the surrounding Westchester, NY region

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A patio can make or break a landscape design. In this article, we’ll look at the importance of a well thought out patio design and how it contributes to your landscape as a viewpoint, a central feature, and a linking space.

The patio as a viewpoint

Not only will a patio help contribute to a great landscape for your Westchester, NY home, it will also form the perfect viewpoint from which to admire it. In this sense, a patio designed with the garden in mind is critical to being able to enjoy your outdoor living spaces. One that is focused outward, that also considers the elevation and the surrounding view, and one that does not obscure complementary features in the garden, is absolutely critical. A patio without consideration of these things may as well be indoors. A landscape design bearing this aspect of your patio in mind will secure the perfect spot from which to survey your property.

The patio as a central feature

Starting with a great patio design will also make the layout of the rest of your landscaping easier to bring together. From the outside in, a great-looking patio can form the central visual feature of your home’s exterior spaces. As much as your landscaping should be inviting when viewed from your patio, your patio should be an alluring space when viewed from any point of the garden. A patio built with richness and character can simultaneously attract attention while complementing the surrounding landscape. Garden patios built in a more central position are in an opportune place to draw elements of the garden together.

The decorative aspect of patios

The style, shape, and finishing material of your patio sets the design possibilities for the rest of your backyard. Choosing concrete pavers and retaining wall systems that work well with the exterior finishes of your home will ensure that the look and feel is cohesive. For more inspiration, be sure to visit the Unilock Design Ideas Catalog here!

Patio to link the inside and the outside

A great landscape deserves a fitting introduction. Your Bedford Hills, NY or Somers, NY patio creates that introduction by linking the spaces inside of your home with those outside of your home. A good transitioning space will complement both areas and make the flow between the spaces seamless and natural.

Patio as a permanent feature

In all likelihood, your White Plains area patio will outlast your plantings, your flowerbeds and may even survive the topography of your landscape. As such, it will form the basis not only for your current design, but for future versions of your landscape as well. For this reason, a strong, durable design and quality building materials are necessary so that your patio stands the test of time and continues to contribute to your landscape in its many years and decades to come. Learn more about Unilock’s Transferrable Lifetime Guarantee here.

Patios provide opportunities for other decorative elements

There’s a whole collection of decorative features that work well around patios, from outdoor furniture with outdoor rugs, to stunning and ornate garden art. Flowerbeds along the edges of your patio, whether encased in retaining wall or not, are known as ‘softeners’, providing a visual softening to the hard surface with the use of finely textured flowers and plants. These and other decorative features rely on the support of a great patio design in order to truly benefit the aesthetics of your overall Westchester, NY landscaping.

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