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Patio Design Ideas for Middletown, NY Homeowners

With the right attention to detail and a professional installation, a patio can truly be an outdoor extension of your home’s livable space. It functions much like an indoor living room in that the patio can attract family and friends to spend time together. To begin gathering patio design ideas, it’s important to think about what a space that is right for your family would look like. What activities do you love to do? How much entertaining do you do regularly and for how many people? Let’s have a look at a few design consideration and features you may want to consider.

Choosing the right concrete paver

Whether your style preference is polished casual, clean-lined modern, or more of a rustic country, there is surely a concrete paving stone perfect for you. Aside from the look and style, also consider the application as well. Will your patio be a high traffic area? Will you be cooking on your grill that sits on these pavers? Considerations like these are important because they will help you narrow down your choices effectively. For instance, let’s say you love modern design and you are including an outdoor kitchen area on your patio. In this case, a product like Unilock’s Umbriano paver with its clean lines, large format, and EasyClean surface protection would be a perfect choice.

Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

Add dramatic illumination to your nightly gatherings while also providing enough heat to keep everyone comfortable and toasty warm. Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces, regardless of whether they are lit or not, add an amazing focal point to any room. A large-scale unit like the pre-built Unilock Tuscany Fireplace may be a good option if you have a large patio space. For a smaller space, consider a more modest option like the Rivercrest Fire pit Kit from Unilock.


Designing a patio space to include an overhead structure such as a pergola is an awesome way to add much need shade and cover while also making a big design statement. A pergola, with its trellis-like roof structure, can either be an extension off your home’s existing roof, or be freestanding with columns and footers. Either way, pergolas help to define a space to relax in and experience the breeze with filtered sunlight. Including some plant material such as a vine planted at the base of the columns help to blend the wood and stone in with their natural surroundings.

Backyard Water Feature

The sight and sounds of flowing water provides incredible calming and relaxing effects, thus making it a great addition to any backyard patio. There are many options for custom water features, but the two major categories are water gardens or ponds and pondless waterfalls. Water gardens allow for Koi fish and aquatic plants, but it comes with a bit of maintenance. If you’re seeking something a bit less demanding, a pondless version which brings all the benefits of the waterfall but none of the hassle of the pond, is a great choice. Water features can sit right along side of your paver patio, providing great entertainment for friends and family. Or, consider integrating the water feature into your swimming pool space.
While we’ve covered a few of the major features here, there are many other patio design ideas available to make your backyard patio the hot spot of your home. Whether you’re hoping to quietly read a book on the chaise lounge, host weekend parties with friends and family, or gather for a simple afternoon tea gathering, it is essential to make your Middletown, NY patio space as comfortable as possible. For even more inspiration, check out our catalog here.

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