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Gorgeous Patio Designs for Landscapes in Nebraska

Gorgeous Patio Designs for Landscapes in Nebraska


When creating an outdoor design for a Nebraska landscape, a starting point for designers is to focus in on a particular style. This helps to narrow down which materials and aesthetic devices the design should contain. Following the trend towards simplicity, many homeowners opt to replace high maintenance materials with more flexible, durable and practical ones. Unilock offers an incredibly versatile line of concrete pavers, as well as Premium Quality Natural Stone, that will withstand the Nebraska climate without compromising on aesthetics. Here are some ideas to create a gorgeous patio design with stunning Unilock pavers:


Elegant English Country

Stonemark pavers are ideal for creating a relaxed, natural appearance, complete with the rich details and coloring of natural stone. Both Rivenstone and Yorkstone pavers are part of the Stonemark paver line.

Rivenstone’s flagstone surface texture is cast from actual natural stone, bringing the timeless beauty of flagstone to the outdoor design. Rivenstone is available in three colors, the warm, mottled brown of Canyon, the deep charcoal of Bluestone, and the light desert shade of Sahara.

Yorkstone is available in two colors, Iron River and Honey Gold. This paver brings in the charm of natural fossilized sandstone with the durability of concrete. Both pavers can be used to create patios ideally suited to an English country style landscape.


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Island-style Patio

A beachy design style will accentuate the look of a poolside patio and add the feeling of summer to an outdoor living space. Recreate the tranquility this style offers with the remarkable appearance of Unilock Sandstone in Autumn Harvest. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone features low water absorption, excellent freeze-thaw durability, and flexural strength. Unilock Sandstone provides incredible beauty enhanced with a variety of surface treatments that help it to resist environmental factors and serve as a material for poolside surrounds, patios, matching walkways, and steps.

An island-style patio design is all about recreating the look of beach sand, in a predominately neutral to warm color scheme. This style of landscape can be further decorated with tropical flowers and greenery that is hardy in the Nebraska area. With this patio look, you can achieve a spacious area with a relaxed vacation feel. To complete the patio, add some sky blue pillows to your furniture and subtly colored lighting. This style goes well with multiple water features, so adding a fountain, waterfall or a pool will definitely enhance the aesthetic. A fire pit can also be added to recreate the feel of a beach bonfire. With its natural ledge rock look, Estate Wall will complement the look of your patio and provide the perfect material for a island-style fire pit.


Contemporary Patio Style

For contemporary creations, choose pavers that will add a sense of sophistication. Modern designs can come off as slightly stark, but by using Umbriano pavers(https://unilock.com/products/enduracolor-plus/umbriano/?region=2), you can add a more informal look to the outdoor area and achieve authentic charm. Umbriano pavers are popular among homeowners because they provide the natural look and feel of granite.

Umbriano pavers are part of the EnduraColor Plus line which include some of the highest-performing and longest-lasting pavers on the market. This paver comes in a wide variety of colors, and its sleek lines and smooth surface texture will complete a minimalist look.

The title image features a Yorkstone entrance patio in Iron River color option.


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