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5 Paver Design Ideas for the Durham, On Area

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There are so many places we look for landscape design inspiration; magazines, television, even Mother Nature; but how often do we look under our own feet to the ground we walk on. Often there are designs and patterns we don’t even recognize that are right under our feet, and often they have been purposely put there. Paving designs are used to help control pedestrian flow, alert us to changes in elevation such as curbs or pools or to distinguish between two types of traffic such as vehicular and bicycle traffic.
For thousands of years we have been laying concrete pavers to create roadways, walkways and paths to encourage and promote both vehicular and pedestrian movement. For many years, clay bricks were used which were generally the same shape and size and gave us very similar pavement designs. As time moved forward we have been introduced to new materials and more sizes and shapes and the design possibilities offered by Unilock have been flourished, allowing landscape professionals and homeowners alike to unleash their creativity when it comes to interlocking paver projects.

Banding and Soldier Courses

While we have been adding banding and soldier courses to patios and walkways for years, there are now many more creative ways to do this. As we have more options available in terms of the pavers on the market we can now create soldier courses that are monochromatic (the same colour as the patio) or use a paver that is a contrasting colour such that the main patio or walkway area is emphasized. A double soldier course can also be used using two colours of pavers.

Paver Selection

For years, we have seen the classic herringbone pattern used for interlocking walkways and patios. Now with the advent of random paving stones, we have a whole host of new laying patterns for our outdoor living spaces. Pavers can also be laid on various angles, such as a 45-degree angle to the house or driveway, to give a new dimension and added interest. These options, when combined with the colour mixes that are available, can create a unique and pleasing look.

Paver Insets

In a larger patio or outdoor living space you can incorporate additional pavers, mixing two or more types of pavers into one area to create a unique look custom to your home. Consider using a paver in a different colour or texture to create a permanent ‘rug’ made of a different paver or colour of paver under your table in your dining area or putting your house number into your driveway. You can also create an inset to create a design element into your patio or walkway.

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Logos and Branding

Another unique way pavers are being used is by incorporating company’s logos or branding into their parking area or front entrance. With the flexibility of concrete paver with the large selection of colours and textures available it is easy to recreate a logo or image. Couple that with the ease of being able to cut concrete pavers into even the smallest pieces, you can achieve even the most intricate designs.

Using Textures and Colours

With the wide variety of colour choices of colours and textures of pavers available, these features can be used not only as design features but also as safety features. By using pavers of a contrasting colour around a pool or along steps it can help those with limited vision to see that there is a change in surface, thus helping to prevent accident. Using a paver with a different surface texture at the edge of a patio can help to alert people to a change in height difference. These changes, which may seem subtle and decorative to some can be functional to others.
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