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5 Patio Design Ideas for New Jersey Homeowners

Stumped on how to handle your next patio project? Use these 5 patio design ideas to find inspiration for your New Jersey home.

Bridge the Outdoor Kitchen Gap

A patio is a wonderful addition to any landscape, but joining one with an outdoor kitchen completely changes the way you use your yard. Join the ranks of New Jersey homeowners already enjoying the entertaining benefits of an al fresco cooking and dining space. Install hardscaping in a layout that suits your spatial and functional needs, and be sure to include a large table and plenty of chairs to make your next backyard barbecue truly memorable.

Create the Perfect Living Room

Lacking space in your main home for all your living room essentials? Do you simply want another informal space to gather with friends and family? Bring the indoors outside with cozy weatherproof furniture in shapes and styles you would find in your home. Surround a reclaimed wood coffee table with plush matching chairs or a sectional sofa for a relaxed hangout area. Interior design elements such as mirrors, wall-mounted clocks, and artisan light fixtures jazz up the space and give it a not-quite-indoor-or-outdoor feel.

Build In Seating

Although subtle, seat walls are fantastic design elements that serve the practical and aesthetic needs of New Jersey homeowners. Intelligently placed walls perfectly frame a patio and offer structure to overwhelmingly large or awkward spaces. For visual appeal, border about two-thirds to three-quarters of your patio design with a wall, leaving enough open area to avoid closing off your open air room. Aside from making your patio pop, seat walls provide places to perch when your outdoor furniture is occupied or in storage, coming in handy when unexpected visitors arrive.

Mix and Match Wood and Stone

Create a one-of-a-kind garden setting on your patio by incorporating both wood and stone elements. Wooden decking and steps combined with natural stone walls foster a beautiful, rustic setting, especially when paired with ivy-clad trellises made of wood. Wood terraces and walls, on the other hand, fabulously compliment natural stone flooring, bringing a sense of linearity to the space while contributing to its natural warmth. Although uncommon, this design idea will satisfy the New Jersey homeowner who wants a taste of enchantment on their landscape.

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Go Bohemian

A Bohemian-themed patio design lends a unique, whimsical feel to your New Jersey home that visitors will adore. Place round leather cushions over an indigenous area rug for effortless, against-the-grain style. Since seating should remain as low to the floor as possible, it’s important to keep the area comfortable and free of any rough edges or abrasive flooring textures. Vintage painted furniture and vibrant colors are imperative in this patio design idea, creating playful contrast that keeps the space fit for gypsies.
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