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3 Unique Patio Designs You Can’t Miss This Year in Greenwich, NY

3 Unique Patio Designs You Can't Miss This Year in Greenwich, NY


Having a patio is an absolute must for entertaining in your backyard and making the best of your property. If you want a beautiful paver patio that is something unique and special, we’ve got some great design ideas for you. Make your Greenwich, NY, landscape stun with these creative patio designs:



Adding levels to your patio design is a great way to define space, add aesthetic appeal, and maintain functionality. One unique design idea is to create a step down level with a seating area as a transition from your home, to patio, to lawn. This way your patio can flow from the inside of your home to a dining area or bar as the main area of the patio. For larger patios, a dining area and bar can be on either side of the entrance. The lower level can be a transitional space defined by curved or linear seating walls. You can implement this design for a modern home by using a more contemporary paver like Artline, a plank-like paver that’s durable with a minimalist style. For something a little more natural, try the classic look of Unilock Limestone or Sandstone. Finally, choose your wall components. Lineo Dimensional Stone is a great complement to the modern aesthetic, while Rivercrest Wall gives a rustic accent to your Natural Stone or patio.

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Soft Curves

Adding curves to your patio is a unique twist that is a sure hallmark of an updated style. To get this look, work with your contractor to design a patio that is rounded or has the appearance of multiple arcs. Brussels Dimensional Stone is perfect for this type of project as it has tapered components that can give you the beautiful curves you’re looking for. This is especially great for tighter spaces, as cutting out the corners can make the space feel less restricted and a bit more open. Complement Brussels Dimensional Stone with Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers and Copthorne or Courtstone accents, or both. If you want to keep it as open as possible, let your patio flow directly into your yard without any barriers. For a more defined space, finish your patio with walls that will provide a completed feel and tons of casual seating for your guests. You could also compromise and add a few feet of wall to frame the space, but leave the rest open to allow easy access when you’ve got lots of guests. Complement the curves of your patio with round dining furniture, or even a rounded daybed for lounging!


Fiery Focal Point

A fire pit is a great casual focal point, as it provides warmth to your guests, and the open flame gives your guests a stunning visual to talk about. Fire pits usually stand on their own or need at least 10-15 feet of room, making them perfect for a focal point. Unilock has several Firepit Kits that are ready for installing, like the Sunset Fire Pit Kit that’s available in both round and square styles to fit any design. If you prefer your fire contained, perhaps a fireplace would be a better choice for you. Fireplaces are by nature a bit cozier, and by design they create definition in the space. Unilock Pre-Built Fireplaces make installation a breeze. The Tuscany fireplace, made with Brussels Dimensional Stone and Copthorne accents, has a gorgeous rustic feel that will instantly draw the eye and make it the center of attention. Accessorize with the outdoor furniture of your choosing and some potted plants, and you’re ready to go!

The title image features a Beacon Hill Flagstone patio with Copthorne and Courtstone accents, along with Brussels Dimensional Stone verticals.


3 Unique Patio Designs You Can't Miss This Year in Greenwich, NY


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