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How Unilock Products Help to Create the Perfect Hardscaping

Unilock is renowned for merging beauty and endurance with timeless products that withstand the test of time. Regardless of whether you are creating a rugged, traditional hardscape or a sleek contemporary patio, Unilock pavers and walls bear diverse shades, textures and qualities that are able to suit an even greater variety of hardscape designs. Here are a few ways in which Unilock products can enhance your hardscape design and make it even more unique.

Color gradients for a captivating paved surface

A large paved surface like a driveway or pool deck carries the risk of appearing monotonous when covered with stones that look too identical. While the fact that artificial pavers can be perfectly copied is often a perk, they are sometimes required to have slight variations in color and texture. Unilock offers a wide range of pavers that achieve this, like the Senzo pavers featured above, for example. Each paver bears a slightly different gradient while some bear no gradient at all. When these pavers are combined, they create a sea of interwoven dark and light zones.
If you would prefer creating a captivating surface with more subtle transitions between colors, Umbriano or Bristol Valley pavers would be excellent candidates for your hardscape. They both have more natural appearances, while Umbriano pavers convincingly emulate real granite.

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Textured wall materials with the authentic look of natural stone

This unique staircase has been constructed using Rivercrest Wall in the sandy Buff color variation. Rivercrest Wall grants you all the character of natural stone, paired with the unbeatable durability of concrete. The wall emulates the spontaneous, rugged look of stacked flagstone that has a timeless appeal and has been used in hardscape designs for centuries. The look of natural stone is also incredibly versatile as it is unrefined enough to complement rustic designs, but adds a luxurious touch to modern hardscapes as well.

Sleek walls and pavers for elegant modern spaces

Unilock offers a range of clean-cut pavers in muted shades that are ideal for contemporary hardscapes incorporating the latest design trends. This grill island, for example, showcases the deep chocolate and sandy hues that are very popular in the color palettes of modern designs. The Lineo Dimensional Stone from which it was constructed is also smooth and uniform, perfect for creating neat geometric structures. The Artline pavers underfoot are similarly sleek and are often paired with Lineo Dimensional Stone because they look similar and, hence, complement one another well.
This hardscape design makes excellent use of both materials, incorporating them into a noticeably geometric and minimalist patio. The plush, upholstered armchairs beside the fire pit add a touch of luxurious comfort to the space and bring an essence of the indoors out onto the patio.

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Materials that blend into the surrounding softscape

This elegant water feature was crafted using Brussels Dimensional System in the Sandstone color variation. Town Hall pavers have been used to add banding in a rich, earthy shade called Burnt Clay. Brussels Dimensional System has a distressed, time-worn look that pairs well with well vegetated landscapes. Walls built from this material almost appear to have formed naturally over a span of centuries. They are excellent candidates for water features and fire pits and work towards enhancing the natural feel of these features.
Estate Wall is similarly textured and can also be shrouded in plants for a beautiful, ethereal hardscape. The irregular edges and authentic textures of Thornbury and Courtstone pavers can have a similar effect on the ground.

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Small format pavers for whimsical walkways

This romantic walkway has been shaped using Courtstone pavers in a deep Basalt shade. This shade creates a gorgeous contrast against the more vibrant greens of nature, as is showcased here. Courtstone pavers are small and have irregular edges, which make them look more like pebbles or small natural stones. This look creates walkways that appear to have sprouted spontaneously, especially when jointing sand overlaps the edges of pavers and creeping mosses cover their surfaces.
Copthorne pavers, which are available in an array of earthy shades, are equally suited to meandering walkways. Not only are they small, but they can also be arranged into captivating interlocking patterns.
How Unilock Products Help to Create the Perfect Hardscaping in Franklin Lakes, NJ


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