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Showstopping Driveway Pavers for Your Home

Investing in a paved driveway bears a wide range of benefits: the durability of concrete, the range of surface treatments for longevity of color and ease of cleaning, the variety of textures for a unique and varied look and the minimal maintenance required. A driveway paved with sophisticated concrete pavers also adds more value to your property than generic asphalt and gravel driveways do. Unilock offers several driveway pavers that allow you to enjoy all these benefits and lock timeless beauty into your landscape.

An alternative to natural stone

The durability of natural stone remains subpar in comparison to that of concrete pavers, making it an especially poor candidate for driveways. With the natural flaws inherent in the structure, the stones used would need to be incredibly thick to withstand the regular pressure of moving vehicles – a requirement that tends to complicate the installation process and often results in high costs. The choice therefore is an aesthetic one, not one related to function. As an alternative, the irregular edges and rough surface texture of our Brussels Block paver gives it the quarried look of natural stone. This natural appearance, coupled with its antiqued finish and subtle colors, can add a welcoming warmth to any driveway. Unilock’s Richcliff and Thornbury pavers have a pleasant flagstone texture that results in a natural and completely spontaneous surface. Pairing a natural stone substitute with a contemporary home design or sleek, modern accent pavers can create a striking blend of aesthetic and texture.


Camelot pavers are a slightly modernized version of classic cobblestones, as they are slightly rounder and are separated by cleaner lines. For the classic, European look of cobblestones, Unilock also offers Courtstone pavers that are designed to combat the daily stress of vehicular traffic. Unilock’s Reala Surface Technology grants these pavers an authentic cobblestone surface texture while Ultima Concrete Technology has ensured that they are four times as strong as poured concrete. In addition, Courtstone pavers are highly resistant to cracking because their small size results in a more flexible surface. Cobblestones are popular candidates for natural landscapes with large lawns or plenty of greenery. This driveway showcases a famous color combination using Unilock’s Basalt Courtstone pavers. These dark pavers are paired with Old Oak or Burgundy Red Copthorne and various pavers in the light Almond Grove color variation.

Narrow, linear format

The long, clean lines and subdued shades of Unilock’s Artline pavers are perfect for minimalist hardscape designs. Despite their neutrality, they have a strikingly elegant effect and their exclusive color variations can be combined to create a visually dynamic surface. Different lengths of these elongated pavers can also be combined to create a captivating running bond paver pattern. The narrow Copthorne paver is compatible with a variety of paver patterns and interlocks, from herringbone to basket weave designs. Interlocking driveway pavers ensure that they do not shift out of place and increases the endurance of the surface. Consider combining two or more of their rich color variations in your interlocking pattern. Hollandstone pavers are similar to Copthorne pavers, but offer a wider range of shades, from the neutral Almond Grove and Charcoal variations to vibrant Red and Terra Cotta options.

Rustic appeal

Unilock’s timeless Antara pavers bear a relaxed, rustic appeal that is perfect for creating an inviting property entrance, shaded beneath untamed trees, for example. These pavers come in three versatile shades that are neutral enough to complement the exterior of virtually any home. The dimpled surface textures of Unilock’s Cassova pavers make them equally excellent candidates for a natural-looking driveway that accents a rustic home. These pavers can alternatively be used to accent a smoother, more subtle paver. The texture difference between the two types of pavers will also add interest to your driveway. The Il Campo pavers used to create this classic driveway have lines etched across their surface, bringing character to the surface while their rich Heritage Brown color echoes the brick structure of the adjacent home.


Unilock prioritizes and values environmentally friendly paving solutions. Eco-Line pavers are permeable, which means that they direct rainwater back into the ecosystem as opposed to stormwater drains. Eco-Line pavers are available in a variety of finishes including brushed, washed, standard and Enduracolor – ensuring that a great deal of aesthetic and design potential accompanies their practicality. They are often used in a running bond pattern which complements their sleek, linear design. Unilock’s Eco-Optiloc and Eco-Priora pavers both offer superb performance and drainage, with the same comprehensive range of finishes and shades.
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