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Paving Stones Can Perfectly Accent Your Columbia, MD, Landscape Updates. Here’s How.

If you’re thinking about a landscape renovation this coming spring, you may be thinking about ways to marry aesthetics and function. Paving stones can perfectly accent your Columbia, MD, landscape updates. Natural stone is mankind’s oldest building material, after all, and it has certainly stood the test of time.

Unilock features two types of premium quality natural stone that could be ideal for your landscape: Limestone and Sandstone. These natural beauties are rich in character, ensuring that the space you create with them will be one-of-a-kind. Natural stone is also versatile. With the exception of your driveway (where you could use a durable stone-look driveway-rated paver such as Richcliff from Unilock), you can use natural stone in any pedestrian application (your walkway, patio, and pool deck).

The thicker natural stone slabs could also be used as coping and steps for a finished look with incredible character.

Natural stone from Unilock has been carefully selected from trusted sources to feature low water absorption, which ensures freeze-thaw durability, and flexural strength to prevent splitting. Any space you enhance with these stone slabs will last—just as stone is meant to.


The Walkway and Patio

Unilock Richcliff flagstone-textured Elegance paver walkway
Unilock Richcliff flagstone-textured Elegance paver walkway

Add to your home’s visual appeal with a stone walkway, and create a one-of-a-kind outdoor living space you could enjoy for generations.

Limestone could be used to complement a home where you want to add sophistication and timeless charm. The relatively fine patterns of limestone allow this stone to enhance your walkway without taking attention away from the home. And yet, the presence of the stone is substantial. It’s a stone that will grab your attention—letting you admire its beauty—but it does not dominate.

Limestone is available in Winter Mist, Hearthstone, or Black River (we generally recommend not using Black River on patios that are in full sun, as the color tends to absorb heat).

Sandstone could be the ideal choice for an outdoor space where you want to emphasize relaxation, and where you want a more dynamic look. Sandstone has more dramatic patterning, although it varies from stone to stone. The result is a vibrant look that could be compatible with a variety of architectural styles.

Sandstone is available in a warm Autumn Harvest, a soft grey Stone Cliff Grey, and the more dramatic Indian Coast.

For ease of installation, you could have Limestone or Sandstone slabs installed over an existing concrete walkway if it’s in good shape. The large format is on-trend in modern landscapes. These large slabs help to visually balance a large home and an expansive landscape.

The 64mm thickness can be used as coping for entryway pillars, a low seat wall, or driveway pillars to provide a finished look. The 150mm thickness in Sandstone could be used as garden steps; in Stone Cliff Grey, this color is compatible with the Limestone colors.


The Pool Deck

Contemporary Unilock Umbriano pool deck
Contemporary Unilock Umbriano pool deck

For poolside or hot tub areas, consider choosing a lighter-colored stone that won’t absorb heat. Sandstone is naturally grippy even when wet, yet remains very comfortable on bare feet. For the best results, you may decide to have the stone sealed, for reassurance that persistent standing water won’t have a chance to infiltrate the stone.



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