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Landscaping Ideas for Updating Traditional Backyards in Providence, RI

Landscaping Ideas for Updating Traditional Backyards in Providence, RI


Over the years, decorative trends change. Colors and elements go in and out of style, and this truth extends to landscape design as well. To update a traditional backyard in Providence, RI, consider the existing landscaping elements and how you’d like to adjust them. Whether your modifications are large or small, each element of the landscape should be up for consideration while re-designing your landscape. Transforming the traditional backyard will depend on how you’d like to live in the backyard and your personal preferences regarding design.


Water Features

No matter the scale of your upgrades, large or small, one area where you can make improvements is in the area of water elements. From a small tabletop fountain to a new inground swimming pool, the range of upgrades possible with water features is vast. The scale of the transformation is entirely up to you, but water of any type can have a pretty powerful effect on your landscape. It’s multi-sensory in nature, providing visual, tactile, and auditory stimulation. If you’re looking to update a traditional backyard, consider incorporating Lineo Dimensional Stone wall units as the foundation for your water feature. Pair Lineo Dimensional Stone with Artline pavers for the ultimate modern design.


Fire Features

Another trend in landscaping is bringing in a fire feature to add warmth to a landscape. Adding a fire pit, outdoor fireplace, or even a fire table are all landscaping options that can improve your landscape while providing a functional area for socializing, relaxing, or even preparing food. You’ll transform both the appearance and use of your landscape with this addition. Adding water and fire to a traditional backyard as complementary elements can completely transform the landscape design and experience. Consider taking advantage of ready-to-install firepit kits from Unilock, or pre-built Unilock fireplaces.

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Often traditional backyards include the basic system of lighting, a single patio light. This foundational element of landscaping, lighting, can also have a significant effect on the design and functionality of the property’s outdoors. Add some focused lighting to highlight landscape focal points, increase the lights around the patio or pool, and make sure that the lighting is layered. While you need the basic lighting for safety, you can also incorporate task and decorative lighting as well. From walkways to the pool, consider every landscape element while adding appropriate lighting for a transformative effect.



A traditional landscape might also include a small patio. While a small patio might serve your purposes, it could also be limiting your enjoyment of your outdoors. Should you choose to extend your patio, choose Unilock concrete pavers such as Umbriano to complete the hardscape; Umbriano pavers allow for a diverse range of decorative decisions, long-lasting color and the easy cleanup of spills owing to their EasyClean Stain Resistance. Their subtle color options ensure that you don’t overpower your yard with the patio, but are ideal for an expansive patio that provides enough space for real outdoor living.


Bring In Seating

Add room for getting together with family members and friends. Your new landscape should include the elements needed to truly enjoy the patio, pool, fire pit, or other hardscape construction. Make sure that the seating is safe, comfortable, and functional for a fully functional and enjoyable backyard experience. Multi-functional wall seating, finished off with a comfortable coping option such as Ledgestone or Brussels Fullnose coping is ideal.

The title image features an Artline patio with Lineo Dimensional Stone seating walls, fire table and water feature.



Landscaping Ideas for Updating Traditional Backyards in Providence, RI

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