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Choose Walkway Pavers That Match the Aesthetic Theme of Your Landscape in Columbia, MD

Choose Walkway Pavers That Match the Aesthetic Theme of Your Landscape in Columbia, MD

Choosing the same materials for each outdoor element isn’t necessary, although it can be an ideal to aim for. Even vastly different materials can work together, if there is something consistent that connects them. The most elegant way to achieve a unified look is through the use of pavers. Particularly for walkways, since walkways are used as transitions between outdoor spaces. You can choose walkway pavers that match the aesthetic theme of your landscape in Columbia, MD, to tie the landscape together.

Design considerations begin with the architectural style of your home. It’s generally best to try to complement your home’s siding, not to try to match it perfectly. Fortunately, Unilock walkway pavers can help blend the home into the landscape, as well as unify individual outdoor living elements.


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The clean lines and sharp angles of contemporary homes can make them stick out rather prominently from the landscape. If you want to soften the look while keeping true to the home’s style, you can integrate the home into the landscape by using more rustic, warm-toned textures, while keeping the modern aesthetic by using large-format pavers such as Umbriano. These pavers have a natural granite appearance, and what makes these contemporary pavers truly stand out is the color gradient within each paver. This allows you to pick up the primary colors of the home, as well as colors in the landscape.



Rustic homes may be timber framed, stone, log, or stucco – often using locally-sourced materials – and their natural materials are intended to help blend the home into the landscape. Brick, cobblestone or flagstone style pavers help make individual spaces feel like they belong. Choosing walkway pavers with rich, earthy colors with randomized patterns help the walkway integrate beautifully as part of the natural landscape. Brussels Block pavers, for example, offer a timeworn appearance that can be accented with any number of contrasting Unilock pavers for a custom look. Try pairing Brussels Block with a paver such as Copthorne.



Subtlety rules in seaside living, and relies heavily on muted greyish-blue colors reminiscent of the sea and sky. Walkway pavers should be barefoot-friendly and non-slip, and encourage a slower-paced lifestyle of meandering and soaking in the views. Unilock Sandstone offers a natural stone option that helps bring the ambience of the beach to your front door. With three colors, natural textures, and the unique characteristics of each piece, you get a truly one-of-a-kind coastal-themed walkway.


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If you have a traditional home with a brick facade, avoid trying to precisely match the bricks on your home’s siding to your outdoor pavers. This is not only difficult to achieve, but too much brick can become busy and overwhelming. Instead, you can opt for large-format pavers in a neutral color to tone down the red of your home and balance the small brick size with more substantial pavers. This helps maintain an elegant and unified look. A popular choice for larger-format pavers that pair well with brick is Beacon Hill Smooth which also helps bring a modern appeal to a traditional home, without taking away its sense of history. The Steel Mountain color picks up the red tones from the bricks, while the Fossil color creates a warm, earthy look that integrates the home and the landscape.


The title image features a Brussels Block walkway with Copthorne accent.


Choose Walkway Pavers That Match the Aesthetic Theme of Your Landscape in Columbia, MD

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