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5 Tips to Make Your Paver Project Special

When designing your outdoor space, special elements and individual touches can take your paving project from typical to something that is the envy of the street. Here are some tips to bring the “wow” factor to your outdoor hardscaping design.

1. Add ambience – Elevate your outdoor living spaces with the addition of a fireplace, firepit or a fire table for inviting warmth and comfort. Incorporate a wall fountain or other water feature, and enjoy the gentle sounds of nature in the background. Unilock has you covered with pre-built outdoor living elements that can be easily placed in your yard. Or engage a Unilock designer to help you custom-create your own outdoor project.

2. Put the accent on pavers – Resist the sea of sameness and play with pavers in different shapes, textures, sizes and colors. Start with a main paver and add complementing accents such as a border to define spaces, or a “paver rug” placed in the center of a circular driveway or at the front of a special feature like your barbeque or fireplace. Add visual interest and harmonious design to your outdoor project by taking the banding design used in paver flatwork and applying it to vertical elements like pillars, walls and grill islands.

3. Play in the sand Rather than matching the jointing sand to the paver, choose a different color to dramatically change the look and feel of your paver surface. Consider matching the sand color to the siding of your home, your paver border or to vertical elements in your landscaping to help tie everything together.

4. Lighten the mood – Bring your paver projects to life with lighting features that are both mood-inducing and functional. Illuminate trees and other landscaping elements with soft lighting to enhance your outdoor settings, and strategically place lighting to guide visitors safely around the pool, over the steps and along walkways after the sun goes down.

5. Reach new heights Pillars help to define spaces and provide vertical interest to your outdoor patio and pool areas. Turn an ordinary entrance into a grand entrance with pillars positioned at the end of your driveway, or used to corner the steps leading to your front door. Incorporate pillars along an extended half wall or paver fence to visually disrupt the line. Place lanterns or decorative planters on your pillars or incorporate a water feature for a truly elegant touch.

Looking for inspiration to make your outdoor spaces and paver project stand out? We can help. Connect with a Unilock Authorized Contractor for a free estimate or design consultation.

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