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Where do you buy Unilock pavers for your patio or driveway project?

One of the most frequently asked questions via email and phone to our Customer Service team is, “Where can I buy Unilock paver and wall products for my driveway, patio or walkway project?”

While we recommend browsing our products and picking up free samples at a Unilock Outdoor Idea Center as a first step in any project (read our blog Why Visit a Unilock Idea Center), when it comes to actually purchasing the paver and wall products, there are two simple answers: through a professional contractor, or landscape dealer. We break down both options, below.

1. Professional Landscape Contractor

The first way to purchase Unilock product is through the professional landscape contractor you have hired or plan to hire:

We recommend hiring a professional landscape contractor (read why here), like a Unilock Authorized Contractor for most hardscape projects. They are skilled artisans with tons of experience in project planning and installation. Among ordering the products you need, there are several things you do not have to worry about when working with a landscape contractor to complete your project:

  • A comprehensive 2D or 3D design so that you can visualize your project
  • A professional quote that will include all of the materials and labor
  • Ordering all of the materials that go into your project – I.e.: Edge restraint, base aggregate material, pavers or wall blocks, jointing sand, concrete adhesive, etc.
  • Coordinating the arrival of accessories such as lighting, and ensuring they have the proper contractor to install things beyond their scope – I.e.: Electricians and/or pool installations
  • Keeping your space as tidy as possible – a true professional will ensure your project is kept as organized as possible. This means keeping the space tidy so that it is not too disruptive for you or your neighbors

Your contractor should also take great pride in helping you choose the perfect product for your project. Be prepared for them to ask you some of the following questions to help you narrow your choices:

  • What is the application? Are you in the market for a new driveway? Outdoor living room? Simple patio? Pool deck?
  • How would you classify your style? Rustic, traditional or modern?
  • Do you want your paver color to complement or contrast with the color of your home?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you like textured products or smooth ones?
  • Does your project require walls? If so, which kind? Garden walls, retaining walls, seat walls?

Once you have picked your ideal product(s), your landscape contractor will arrange delivery for you. They will also coordinate things like where to drop the products (I.e. the boulevard) and how to move it to the appropriate place while they’re installing.

Click here to connect with a Unilock Authorized Contractor.

2. Local Unilock Dealer:

The second way to purchase Unilock products is through a local Unilock Dealer:

A landscape dealer will carry all kinds of supplies for your landscape project, including Unilock pavers and wall products. If you are looking to complete a DIY project, they can easily coordinate for the product to be delivered directly to your house. Unilock Dealers have knowledgeable staff that can make design recommendations and will help you calculate exactly how much material you need for your project.

Click here to find a Dealer closest to you.

Whichever option you choose to buy Unilock products, be sure to take advantage of the resources Unilock offers to help narrow your choices:

  1. Download our Design Idea Catalog
  2. Browse our Project Ideas by application
  3. Search our products by style, color and price
  4. Learn about our exclusive technologies
  5. Find an Outdoor Idea Center near you to browse our products and take home free samples

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