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Patio Design Ideas: Using Concrete Pavers for Big Backyard Style

Patio Design Ideas: Using Concrete Pavers
Whether you’re planning the perfect party patio, a relaxing retreat, or a vibrant family spot, there are countless materials, design techniques and aesthetics at your disposal. Your outdoor living space is an extension of your home and should be treated with the same respect, completely customized to suit your specific needs. Therefore, it goes without saying that some careful deliberation, a capable professional contractor, and plenty of inspiration are essential ingredients to the design of your outdoor oasis. Here are five patio design ideas, incorporating the beauty and versatility of concrete pavers, to help simplify your sketches.
Patio Design Ideas: Using Concrete Pavers

Create Outdoor Rooms

The circular low walls and majestic fireplace pinpoint the seating area as the focal point of this backyard entertainment area. The organic shape in which it has been designed accompanies the soft, natural tone set by the surrounding plant life. This spot is separated from the dining area by a low retaining wall and a strip of ‘green space’ in which small plants thrive. The fireplace is built using wallstone that compliments the patio pavers, creating a sense of completeness in the intimate gathering space. The dining area shows off a polished granite countertop and is punctuated by eye-catching ferns in minimalistic iron planters. This patio is anchored by Brussels Block pavers with an antiqued finish and rough-hewn texture. The paver’s irregular edges complement the patio’s age-worn image. The sprawling lawn accompanying this patio makes it a perfect relaxation spot for the entire family.
Patio Design Ideas: Using Concrete Pavers

Break Up Large Areas of Stone

This muted patio, composed of Thornbury pavers, is paired with a contemporary Rivercrest Wall fireplace that acts as the focal point and serves to warm chilly evenings. A cozy sense of privacy is instilled by the tall vegetation that partly encloses the space, while charming little plant beds separate the two rooms. Separating different parts of your patio creates variation and avoids a large, monotonous expanse of stone, while the geometric design of the fireplace and plant beds add a modern touch to the area. These pavers are not only wonderfully textured, but are also permeable, allowing the penetration of rainwater to the soil below, benefitting the ecosystem in the process.
Patio Design Ideas: Using Concrete Pavers

Large Format Pavers Make Patios Feel Bigger

The subtle color blends in these Bristol Valley pavers mimic natural stone and add variation to what could otherwise be an underwhelming stretch of patio stone. This space makes use of large format pavers with clean, straight lines running its full length. The use of these large concrete pavers make the patio appear more spacious while their rich, earthy tones complement the surrounding natural landscape design. Large format pavers don’t require small accent patterns to act as focal points and make a satisfying aesthetic impact on their own. This airy, well-lit patio is versatile and can be customized with different furniture arrangements to suit sunbathing, dining or a morning cup of coffee.
Patio Design Ideas: Using Concrete Pavers

Different Elevations Add Interest

This romantic patio adorned with Beacon Hill Flagstone overlooks a beautiful lawn and manicured shrubs. The sunken platform upon which the sitting area is built creates different dimensions and dodges the repetitiveness of a large, flat space while subtle borders define different parts of the patio as well. The fire pit and lanterns create ambiance in this classic, intimate patio, subtly defined with the use of a pergola. A small tree and neat shrubs have been planted on either side of the staircase, within beautifully curved hollows. The retaining walls here double as extra seating when large groups of guests need to be accommodated, allowing an extension of the useable area.
Patio Design Ideas: Using Concrete Pavers

Use Monochromatic Color Schemes for Elegance

This Rivercrest Wall grill island towers as the focal point of the patio, its geometric design creating a pleasant contrast with the dining spot’s romantic furniture and candleholders. Umbriano pavers spanning the patio floor echo the grey shades within the Rivercrest Wall and complement both the stark white furniture and charming iron fence. This largely colorless courtyard-like space stands out against the lavish vegetation covering the surrounding landscape. Its spacious, sunny location has made it ideal for light lunches and candle-lit dinners alike.
Patio Design Ideas: Using Concrete Pavers


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