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How to ensure your paver project is protected for a lifetime

One of the many reasons homeowners and installers choose Unilock is because of the Lifetime Guarantee. It’s our promise to our customers that Unilock is committed to the quality and strength of our paver products – and to your complete satisfaction. With almost 2 billion stones in the ground, that’s quite the commitment!

But what does a lifetime guarantee really mean? And what can you do to ensure that your paver project is protected for years to come?

What is a lifetime guarantee?

A lifetime guarantee is a demonstration of a manufacturer’s confidence in a product. It means that the manufacturer is certain that the strength and quality of the product will last for the duration of the life of that product. Unilock was the first concrete paver manufacturer in North America to offer a Lifetime Guarantee, and we still stand behind it today.

How can we be so sure? Our products are better and stronger than other brands. In fact, our internal standards of manufacturing in the USA and Canada far exceed industry standards set by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and other European organizations.

What does the Unilock Transferable Lifetime Guarantee really mean?

The Unilock Transferable Lifetime Guarantee protects the structural integrity of Unilock concrete paving stones, slabs, retaining wall units and natural stone for residential use.

Any materials installed and maintained to Unilock guidelines, and subject to normal wear, that prove defective, will be replaced without cost. And because it’s a transferable guarantee, your pavers will be covered even if you sell your home.

Is anything not covered by the Unilock Guarantee?

Yes, there are some things that are not covered by the Unilock Guarantee.

Color matching of the replacement product and/or lost time cannot be guaranteed, and labor costs related to installing replacement product are not included.

Also not included are naturally occurring efflorescence, hazing from polymeric jointing sand, scratching and chipping resulting from snow removal or construction equipment, damage caused by natural or un-natural disasters, or deterioration or damage as a result of poor design or poor installation practices.

What can I do to ensure continued coverage for my Unilock pavers?

Proper care and maintenance are required to ensure continued coverage for your pavers under the Unilock Lifetime Guarantee.

To protect your paver project from harsh weather, dust, acid rain, leaf stains, water stains and general wear from foot or vehicular traffic, we recommend periodic cleaning using environmentally safe detergents designed for cleaning concrete.

To make cleaning easier and maintain a bright, fresh appearance, a concrete sealer can be applied to new or cleaned products to help prevent the penetration of substances that can cause stains.

There are many types of concrete cleaners and sealers on the market. Always read the instructions carefully before using the product. Test the product in a small unobtrusive area to ensure the results are acceptable.

What can I do to prevent scratching and chipping of my Unilock pavers?

To prevent scratching and chipping, which is typically caused by metal blades on snowplows or shovels, make sure that the blades have a polyurethane or rubber cutting edge attached.

I’ve heard that salt can be damaging to concrete. Is this true?

Many de-icing salt products will have some damaging effect on concrete, even if the product label indicates that it is safe for concrete. If you must use a de-icing product, we recommend that you use Sodium Chloride (ordinary rock salt) or Calcium Chloride (for colder climates). Always apply sparingly. Whenever possible use a coarse sand as an anti-slip measure instead of de-icing chemicals.

How do I make sure my paver project is covered?

To make sure your paver project is covered by the Unilock Lifetime Guarantee, you must register within 60 days of your dated proof of purchase. This will get your project into our system and make the process faster and easier should you need to make a claim.

What do I do if I need to make a claim?

If you need to make a claim, call 1-800-UNILOCK or the contractor you worked with. A Unilock representative will be in touch to do a site inspection and assess the claim from there.

Unilock pavers are engineered to maintain their appearance and durability for many years to come. Make sure you’re registered for the Lifetime Guarantee, and do what you can to protect your valuable investment throughout its lifetime.



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