How to Protect Your Pavers with EasyClean for Your Norfolk, VA Outdoor Kitchen | Unilock

How to Protect Your Pavers with EasyClean for Your Norfolk, VA Outdoor Kitchen

How to Protect Your Pavers with EasyClean for Your Norfolk, VA Outdoor Kitchen


Cooking outdoors inevitably means spills on your beautiful patio. The good news is that if you choose the right pavers for your outdoor kitchen and dining areas, you don’t have to worry if stain-producing foods, oils, or chemicals end up on the ground. Here is how to protect your pavers with EasyClean for your Norfolk, VA outdoor kitchen.

What is EasyClean?

EasyClean Stain Resistance Technology from Unilock is not a standard sealant. It’s an integral surface protection technology, which means the sealant is part of the paver itself, making it impervious to stain-causing foods and drinks, as well as household chemicals. In addition, this ensures that no additional sealing is required, and unlike traditional sealants, Unilock Easy Clean will not peel off or flake. Unilock EasyClean Stain Resistance is used to manufacture certain Unilock pavers that offer profound stain-guarding benefits,

Unilock EasyClean-infused pavers

EasyClean Stain Resistance is integral to a number of different pavers in a wide range of styles, this lets you choose from a variety of pavers to complement your home’s design, while offering the stain resistance that makes outdoor cooking and dining so much more enjoyable. Here are some of the pavers that offer the protection of EasyClean Stain Resistance:


These contemporary pavers look amazing with today’s stainless steel appliances, and with eight different sizes, you have endless choices when it comes to laying patterns, borders, and accents. Artline pavers present a sleek plank-like appearance for a strictly linear appearance or coursed ashlar effect. Artline pavers also feature Unilock EnduraColor Facemix Technology for long-lasting color and fade-resistance.

Bristol Valley

For a more relaxed and rustic flagstone look, choose Bristol Valley pavers. To continue this characterful aesthetic, you can pair Bristol Valley with a textured wall unit such as Brussels Dimensional System. These large-format pavers are ideal for outdoor kitchens and patios. Bristol Valley pavers feature blended colors that contribute to these pavers’ realistic natural stone appearance. Bristol Valley is available in Steel Mountain and Bavarian color options, offering a handsome bluestone appearance and warm flagstone aesthetic, respectively. Unlike its natural stone counterparts, however, Bristol Valley is impervious to stains and requires no additional treatments.


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Make a bold statement with these unique large-format, non-slip pavers that come in mixed bundles of light and dark tones for a dramatic look that is perfectly suited for modern homes. Senzo pavers are perfect for creating sleek outdoor kitchens, walkways, patios, and even driveways.


An authentic granite look makes Umbriano pavers the perfect choice for contemporary outdoor kitchens. Randomly-dispersed granite particles give these pavers a remarkable depth and sheen that beautifully complements stainless steel appliances.

Westport EasyClean

If you love the relaxed look of flagstone, and love the advantages of EasyClean Stain Resistance Technology from Unilock, look no further than Westport EasyClean as a gorgeous, stain-resistant and durable alternative to natural stone. Westport pavers are perfect for outdoor kitchens, as well as other hardscape applications too! Poolside, these pavers resist chlorine and salt stains. This also makes them ideal for entryways and walkways, especially walkways under trees where leaf staining can be a problem. Unilock EasyClean pavers let you enjoy your outdoor living spaces rather than worrying about spills and stains!


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The title image features an outdoor kitchen with Bristol Valley pavers and Brussels Dimensional System verticals.


How to Protect Your Pavers with EasyClean for Your Norfolk, VA Outdoor Kitchen


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