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Why paver color is not guaranteed under the Unilock Lifetime Guarantee

A manufacturer’s guarantee is an important consideration with any significant investment for your home.

The Unilock Transferable Lifetime Guarantee is one of the reasons homeowners and installers choose Unilock products for their paver projects. It gives them the confidence of knowing that any paver materials that prove defective will be replaced without cost.

But there are some things that not covered under our industry-leading lifetime guarantee, such as naturally occurring efflorescence and the color matching of replacement pavers.

Why isn’t efflorescence covered by the Unilock Lifetime Guarantee?

Efflorescence is a naturally occurring process that may appear as a white or light grey powder on the surface of concrete, clay or natural stone. It is temporary, and will disappear over time. However, if it is bothersome, an efflorescence cleaner can be used to remove it. There is no way to predict or prevent efflorescence. Because it does not compromise the structural integrity of the product, it is not covered by Unilock’s guarantee.

Why isn’t color matching of replacement pavers guaranteed?

Paver color matching of replacement products cannot be guaranteed due to the inherent variable appearance of natural stone products.

Most Unilock products are not comprised of a single color, but rather contain blended colors to achieve a paving stone that has a more desirable natural appearance. This process means that there will be color variances from stone to stone and from different product runs, which makes it difficult to guarantee an exact match.

How can I achieve a consistent, overall color in my paver project?

There are a few things you can do to ensure your paver color is consistent across your entire paver project.

  • Don’t make your selection from a printed brochure or website images. Different presses and computer monitors make it impossible to capture and convey true-to-life colors in marketing materials. To be absolutely sure of your color, base your decision on the actual stones, which you can see at a Unilock Idea Centre, or any Authorized Contractor or Authorized Dealer.
  • Before installing your pavers, check the label to ensure that the Unilock product delivered is the product and color ordered. If there is a discrepancy or if the product appears to be incorrect, contact your hardscape dealer or contractor before installing any pavers. Once the product is installed, it indicates your acceptance of the products as delivered.
  • If your project requires more than one bundle of pavers, draw pavers randomly from several bundles when installing. This ensures that any variation between bundles will be seamlessly integrated in the project. When bundles are from different production runs, random selection from multiple bundles is even more important.
  • Choose a Unilock paver manufactured with EnduraColor technology, a two-step process that protects the surface of the paver from fading. If you need to expand or add a new feature to your paver project, or replace a stone or two, you won’t see a dramatic variation in appearance between old and new.

At Unilock, we know that the appearance and color of your pavers is as important to you as life-long durability. In addition to manufacturing pavers that exceed ASTM standards for quality and strength, we employ leading technologies to create pavers that mirror natural stone, resist fading for years, and look as beautiful as the day they were installed.

To read more about our Lifetime Guarantee, click here.



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