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Manufacturing Technologies Behind Unilock Pavers in Newark, NJ

Manufacturing Technologies Behind Unilock Pavers in Newark, NJ

Unilock pavers have been the leaders of the concrete paver industry for decades, bringing pavers to North America over 40 years ago. Over the years, we’ve developed technologies that make our products superior in performance, quality, and style. Here are some of the technologies that make our pavers the best choice in Newark, NJ:



Reala Surface Technology is part of the magic that makes Unilock pavers so stylish and attractive. Hundreds of real bricks, cobblestones, natural stone pieces, and other surfaces were cast and used to create genuine textures for our products. This means you get an authentic look that brings character to your design. Copthorne, part of the Elegance collection, is manufactured with Reala technology, and the result is a paver that’s indistinguishable from historical street brick. Available in traditional colors like Burnt Clay and Old Oak, this paver offers a dimensional accurate base despite the unique surface appearance of each unit. The end result is a beautiful finished product with an authentic appearance.


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This technology is what imparts such strength to Unilock products. Pavers made using Ultima technology have up to four times the strength of poured concrete, so high traffic areas don’t strain under the weight and frequency of vehicles. Ultima also protects against harsh weather like rain, snow, hail, and direct sunlight. Other surfaces can crack, fade, split, or otherwise show damage after a few years of use. Comparing regular pavers to our Town Hallbrick pavers, we tested the resilience of both against the effects of muriatic acid. After just five minutes, regular pavers showed considerable damage, while our Town Hall pavers retained their color, structural integrity, and look. This is especially important for areas like walkways and driveways, where damage can cause slips and falls. It’s also important for the resale value of your home. Choosing Unilock pavers means that even 15 years down the line, if you ever want to sell your home, you don’t have to worry about damaged walkways or other hardscapes turning off potential buyers.



Our EasyClean manufacturing process adds a durable, lasting seal that protects pavers like Senzo. Unlike generic top-coat sealers, our EasyClean technology begins sealing from deep inside the paver. This produces a higher Clean Factor (CF) that protects against even notorious staining agents like wine, ketchup, and coffee. EasyClean also enhances resistance to weathering, and offers reduced dirt absorption. This is what makes pavers such as Senzo, with its large format and non-slip surface, perfect for outdoor hardscapes like kitchen flooring. While regular poured concrete readily absorbs stains and becomes dirty-looking after a couple summers, Unilock pavers that utilize EasyClean technology will always retain their color and style, unblemished by barbecue mishaps.


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The secret to the natural tones of some Unilock products, like Umbriano, is our ColorFusion technology. This proprietary manufacturing process creates a top layer comprised of finer quartz and granite aggregates that are wear-resistant, along with randomly dispersed color for a natural character This creates a unique surface with a mottled appearance that is very similar to natural granite. This process allows the creation of deep and rich colors, like Harvest Brown, Midnight Sky, and Winter Marvel.

These Unilock technologies all result in a superior product that is visibly better in color, durability, stain resistance, and texture. This means your Unilock hardscape will last a lifetime, and keep your home looking beautiful for decades to comes. For a closer look at the pavers that utilize these technologies, check out our latest Ideas Catalog or visit an Outdoor Idea Center today.


The title image features an Umbriano walkway with Copthorne accent.


Manufacturing Technologies Behind Unilock Pavers in Newark, NJ

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