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Paving Stone Driveways – A Great Choice!

Paving Stone Driveways - A Great Choice!

Paving Stone Driveways – A Great Choice!

Many people do not even consider pavers when thinking about a new driveway or replacing an existing one. Although most people agree that from an aesthetic standpoint, pavers are the most appealing choice, misconceptions about the performance and cost have helped to create a perception that pavers are only a viable solution in warmer climates or in affluent neighborhoods. Hopefully, I can help you to re-evaluate this notion.

Concrete paver driveways perform extremely well in northern climates. A properly designed and installed paving stone driveway will evenly distribute heavy loads as well as handle seasonal fluctuations better than alternative paving materials. This is because a paving stone driveway, installed on a proper aggregate base is a durable system that works with nature by contracting as required during the winter freeze-thaw cycles.

In terms of cost, paving stones typically have a higher initial price, this is due to the additional labor needed to install a higher quality material. In residential driveway applications, pavers are generally installed piece by piece and need to be trimmed to fit. When it comes to paving material quality, Unilock paving stones are at least twice as strong as standard poured concrete, and have a lower water absorption rate which equates to a long life span. In addition, the lifecycle cost of a paver driveway is lower than the alternatives. Although cleaning and sealing is often recommended, it is not required and with limited maintenance, a paver driveway will outlast most other paving materials.

Once performance and cost concerns are addressed, pavers stand on their own. There is no better way to create a great first impression than a paver driveway. Pavers offer so much versatility in design that you can create your own look and feel with a little bit of creativity and planning at a low additional cost. Here are just a few examples:

Even basic isn’t basic:

Although a standard 4”x8” paver can seem ordinary when compared to some of the alternatives, it offers a very traditional and clean look that stands the test of time. (A herringbone pattern is one of my personal favorites.)

Don’t worry – it’s a tumbled paver:

Every driveway is subject to daily wear and tear. The time worn appearance of tumbled pavers like Brussels Block® has proven to be the most popular and adaptable paver in the industry today because it presents a very relaxed appearance. With several color choices, a tumbled paver can easily stand alone or be combined with other products to create a design for any setting.

Paver quilting is the answer:

Are you looking to accentuate an architectural feature or craft a truly distinctive creation? Paver quilting is a process of combining shapes, colors and styles in different ways to create unique designs and combinations. This can transform your driveway from a place you park to a work of art. My experience is that combining Unilock SelectTM pavers together with each other or with tumbled pavers gives you a lot of opportunities to create your own look-and-feel.

Small details make a big impact:

Even if you don’t have a lot of area to work with, adding some small details can make a big visual impact. Simply changing the color of the soldier course border, adding an accent, changing the pattern or even the orientation of the pattern, can completely change the look.

The art of texture:

Texture is another effective element of landscape design. Texture can be used in many ways to reinforce your overall design intentions. Texture utilizes light very effectively to stimulate your visual senses. By using paving stones with varying textures by themselves or in combination with each other you can create a visual concert of beauty no matter what angle the light is coming from. I have found that Unilock Select pavers give you many texture opportunities.

So, if you are in the market for a new driveway or just getting ready to replace an existing one, you owe it to yourself to take a look at paving stones. Not only will they provide you with an immediate WOW factor, but something that will outlast most other paving surfaces. And finally, the curb appeal of a brick paver driveway will also give you incredible return on your investment. It’s no mystery that homes with interlocking brick paver driveways sell much faster than similar homes with just basic asphalt!

Unilock offers many unique and beautiful products that have been specifically designed to withstand the wear and tear of driveway traffic. Whether you drive a small mini or a large SUV, Unilock products will stand the test of time.



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