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Driveway Pavers for an Old-World Feel in Northwest Indiana

Your driveway is the introduction of your home to the world. It is literally the first thing that guests see up close when they enter your property, so making sure that it is a step above the ordinary enhances the impressions made. For a driveway that speaks to Old-World quality in Northwest Indiana, look to Unilock for paving options. Unilock offers a plethora of choices that create a timeless aesthetic while incorporating modern technological advancements that increase durability and strength.


One of the options offered by Unilock for driveway paving is Copthorne. These paving stones have a similarity to Old European style brick pavers. This unit is available in one standard size for a uniform appearance, and is treated to resist fading, provide a realistic timeworn texture, and enhanced durability and strength. You can choose from the colors Basalt, Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, or Old Oak to create a driveway that is sure to impress your incoming guests and complement your home.


Another paver reminiscent of Old World Europe is Courtstone. These pavers are modeled on real cobblestones and also offer extreme fade resistance, enhanced strength, and an ultra-realistic surface texture. You can choose from an array of colors including Basalt, Belgian Blue, Dawn Mist, Pebble Taupe, and various combinations of these shades blended on site. Since Courtstone is available in five different sizes (four rectangular and one square unit), pattern complexity is possible. This allows for the random feel of the Old World aesthetic. Whether you combine colors, include a border, or keep a monochrome appearance, the finished product makes a significant statement for your property.

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Town Hall

Similar to Copthorne, Town Hall pavers offer the charm of Old World brick pavers. The difference lies in the size of the standard paver. Town Hall units are larger than Copthorne, allowing for impressive visual weight. Town Hall maintains a timeworn appearance, with the shades available including Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Old Oak, Three-Color Blend, Basalt, Heritage Red, Heritage Clay, and Heritage Blend. You won’t have any problem complementing your home and raising your curb appeal with this paver. Town Hall lends itself to estate, traditional, and modern style homes. Your choice of shade and laying pattern can combine to make a grand statement for an eye-catching driveway that enhances your property.

Tribeca Cobble

If you prefer the cobblestone look and would like a more dramatic texture than Courtstone, consider Tribeca Cobble. Available in Crystalline Basalt, Peppered Granite, and Cobalt Grey, Tribeca Cobble offers your driveway the perfect blend of European and North American-style cobblestone. Unilock offers three differently sized units, all of which are fade resistant. This choice is unique and will surely make an impression when used for your driveway construction. For an unforgettable driveway, this product from Unilock is ideal.

The title image features a driveway paved with Tribeca Cobble in Crystalline Basalt.



Finally, for a cobblestone driveway with a twist, consider Camelot. These pavers are similar to cobblestones, with slightly rounded edges, but offer a modern bent. The shades offered consist of Autumn Red, Charcoal, Fieldstone, and Sierra. You can further customize your surface by choosing between rectangular or square units for creating an interesting design pattern with a cobblestone texture.
Driveway Pavers for an Old-World Feel in Northwest Indiana

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