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Selecting the perfect driveway pavers for your Long Island Landscape in Huntington Bay, Hempstead, and Islip, NY

It’s no secret that Long Islanders love the look of stone and concrete pavers. Take a leisurely drive through any Huntington Bay, Hempstead, or Islip, NY neighborhood and you’ll see beautiful hardscape materials being incorporated into everything from driveways to retaining walls to home facades. And with good reason. As far as durability, versatility, and sheer good looks go, they beat other hardscape materials hands down. But with so many options to choose from, how do you make sure you get the right driveway pavers for your home? Let’s have a look at a few tips and tricks for bringing it all together.

Style of driveway

For starters, you can ask yourself, what style of driveway do you have and what style would you like to create? A long, meandering driveway can be transformed into a tribute to an old English country road with cobblestone, or be given the authentic rugged charm of the Country Rustic style with a richly textured concrete paver choice. What about a short, but wide driveway? Why not emphasize the width with some large slab pavers? Or give it some visual depth with rectangular pavers running along its length to lead the eye towards your home?

Style of Home

To incorporate the style of your home into the style of your driveway, ask yourself what kind of paver will contribute to that style and not detract from it. Is yours a Cape Cod style home? Then try a Basalt -colored paver like Unilock’s Courtstone. What about a more modern home? Sleek concrete pavers such as Unilock’s Series 3000 can be used to provide the subtle texture and fine grain necessary for a successful modern contemporary design.

Matching Colors

The color of your driveway rarely stands alone when your home is looked at as a whole. You can match the color of your driveway pavers with your roof tiles, with flecks of color used in your garden, and other hardscape features such as retaining walls or patios. The color of the facade of your home, or even your window frames can also be reflected in your driveway pavers, as long as it’s repeated or complemented in some form or another.


Texture is an element often forgotten when selecting pavers to match your home. As part of your front yard, the texture of your driveway can stand in contrast with that of your plantings or the building materials used in your home’s facade. A garden with very finely textured plantings can be brought reinvigorated with the rich texture and randomized laying pattern of Unilock’s Richcliff paver, for example. On the subject of texture, if your driveway runs at an incline, consider a roughly textured paver for additional grip, particularly helpful for the wet weather experienced in Islip, NY and surrounding Long Island areas.

Laying Pattern

Driveways can often present a large surface area. To break up the monotony of this, an interesting or randomized laying pattern can be used. If you are covering a large area, make sure to choose a paver that comes in varying shapes and sizes that can be used together. This will create variation and prevent the surface from appearing boring or repetitive. In conjunction to this, a paver that comes in slight variations of color is also a great way to create additional visual interest. For more on using driveway pavers as a landscape design tool, visit this article.
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For even more awesome tips and tricks for bringing your landscaping to the next level, visit the Unilock Blog!

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