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Driveway Pavers Lansing MI | East Lansing

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Unilock Driveway Pavers for a Beautiful Permanent Driveway in Lansing or East Lansing, MI

Driveway pavers from Unilock have been proven to consistently outperform their popular but inferior rivals, such as poured concrete, that are commonly used for driveway construction in Lansing and East Lansing, Michigan. While traditional concrete might look good and seem cost effective initially, the inevitable cracks that necessitate costly repairs ultimately leave homeowners between a rock and a hard place.
There is no other driveway product on the market today that can stand up – and stand out – quite like Unilock driveway pavers. Here are some of their outstanding features:
• Durability – Unilock driveway pavers are engineered to last. Simply put, they will not crack, chip, peel, fade, delaminate, flake, shrink, or expand. A driveway constructed of Unilock paving stone can be considered a permanent addition to your home landscape.
• Ease of repair (if necessary) – In the rare event of a defect, the affected stone can be easily removed without affecting the structural integrity of the rest of the driveway. And, because Unilock paving stones are uniformly manufactured, replacements are readily available.
• Ease of maintenance – Exclusive manufacturing innovations, such as our TitanTec™ surface technology, provide tough stain resistance and wear performance.
• Aesthetics – Our Unilock Select™ collection offers a wide range of style options – everything from distressed cobblestone to sleek granite – to complement any home and suit any budget.
Trusted by homeowners across the country since 1972, Unilock is the family-owned business that pioneered the concept of concrete driveway pavers in North America. While that was undeniably a big accomplishment, we’ve steadfastly held onto our “small business” mentality and our commitment to providing highly personalized service to our customers.
Contact Unilock today to request a free estimate from your local Unilock Authorized Contractor, who can tell you more about driveway pavers for your home in Lansing or East Lansing, MI.

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