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Best Driveway Paving Options for Historical Homes in Bloomfield, MI

Best Driveway Paving Options for Historical Homes in Bloomfield, MI


Owning a historical home in Bloomfield, MI gives you the luxury of knowing that you already have a unique property. To do a historical home justice, it’ll need a fitting landscape design. Whether the building is original, renovated, or even if it’s undergoing structural changes, a landscape remodel can ensure that the exterior matches and celebrates the architectural significance of the home. To start on the right foot, take a look at some of the best driveway paving options for historical homes:


Courtstone Delivers

You truly can’t go wrong with Courtstone pavers for your Bloomfield, MI driveway. This is especially true if your historical home has an old European feel, as the pavers capture the essence of European cobbled streets. Courtstone’s durability and strength, owing to EnduraColor Plus Architectural Finishes and Ultima Concrete Technology, respectively, will see your driveway stand the test of time, just as your lovely property has. Basalt, Pebble Taupe, Dawn Mist, and Belgian Blue are the color option in which you can find Courtstone pavers, while color combinations of Basalt/Belgian Blue and Dawn Mist/Pebble Taupe can be blended on site. Unilock Authorized Contractors are available to help you decide on the best look to complement your property. You can also use the drag-n-drop method for combining pavers, accents and borders online, before you make any final decisions.

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Olde Greenwich Cobble

Olde Greenwich Cobble is well-suited to both contemporary and historical setting. With its slightly indented chamfers and rounded corners, Olde Greenwich Cobble simultaneously offers a traditional and modern appearance, making it a versatile paver for both design styles. An Olde Greenwich Cobble driveway will be able to accentuate your home’s natural history with the color choices of Terracotta and Beechwood. Highlight your Olde Greenwich Cobble driveway with the above mentioned Courtstone in Basalt as a border or accent paver to truly bring out these classic earthy colors.


Tribeca Cobble’s Old School

It would be impossible to mention concrete pavers that complement historical homes and not include Tribeca Cobble. This Unilock product works well with old American colonial homes and other Bloomfield, MI historical styles. Ask your landscape design expert about the benefits of these pavers, which include EnduraColor Architectural Finishes, accurate dimensions, and the amazingly genuine look of natural granite cobble that has been used on North American streets for hundreds of years. Cobalt Grey, and Peppered Granite are the color options to choose from to breathe life into your historical home’s driveway.


Copthorne is Durable

Functional, beautiful, and durable, Copthorne is another paver that’s popular for historical driveways. Copthorne offers the appearance of old European village street pavers. In addition to its historical beauty, you can be assured that Copthorne pavers stand up against the toughest conditions and won’t fade, crack, or split. Try Copthorne out in color options which include Basalt, Burnt Clay, Old Oak, Burgundy Red and a 3 Color Blend. While excellent as a primary driveway paver, Copthorne can be incorporated into a hardscape design to add warm and vibrant accents as well. Pair Copthorne with any one of the abovementioned pavers for a stunning driveway design.

The title image features a Courtstone driveway.



Best Driveway Paving Options for Historical Homes in Bloomfield, MI


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