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Best Driveway Pavers for a Large Variety of Size and Shape in New Rochelle, NY

The size and shape of the pavers you choose for your driveway have an important impact on its ultimate function and aesthetic. Unilock offers numerous options to the New Rochelle, NY, area, many of which will facilitate a variety of designs with a versatile array of sizes and shapes.


Concrete pavers are surprisingly powerful when used to construct driveways, both in terms of functionality and appearance. Umbriano offers durability and aesthetic appeal with eight differently sized rectangles and squares. The layout can be seemingly random, detailed and complicated, or simple but patterned.
This paver works with small or large spaces and comes in multiple colors to appropriately complement any home or fulfill any design plan. Color options include Autumn Sunset (by special order), Midnight Sky, Summer Wheat, Winter Marvel, and French Grey. By special order, you can obtain a large 24×24 inch square or large rectangular shape. Other size options include a 16×16 inch square, an 8×16 inch rectangle, or an 8×8 inch square. For convenience, many choose to order the random bundle which includes a large rectangle, small rectangle, and square option. For certain, Umbriano offers an assortment of sizes and shapes to design the driveway that’s right for your property.

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The Series paver is the ultimate paving option. Its interesting texture, variety of available colors, and shape and size versatility make it an ideal material for a variety of designs. The random bundle includes a large square of 14 inch dimensions, a large rectangle (21×14 inches), and a small rectangle (7×14 Inches). Also available are 12×12 inch and 6×6 inch squares, as well as 4×8 inch or 6×12 inch rectangles. Color options consist of rich grey Crystalline Basalt, Mocha Brown, and Peppered Granite, as well as Black Granite in 4×8 and 8×8 only. As an accent or filler choice, the Series line is an excellent offering from Unilock for all driveway designs.

The title image features Peppered Granite Series pavers with a Black Granite border.



A more historical choice for your driveway construction would be Courtstone by Unilock. While this high-shine, high-quality paving option is a clear homage to tradition and elegance, one method of providing this aesthetic is the abundance of size and shape options within the line of Courtstone pavers. Sizes consist of four sizes of rectangles and a square, making this paver one choice that facilitates numerous layout patterns regardless of the shape or size characteristics of the space featured. The design can be further customized with an impressive list of color options: Basalt, Belgian Blue, Dawn Mist, Pebble Taupe, or even blends of the above combined on-site.


Even though this option is a modern choice, Artline also offers flexibility of size, if not shape. The rectangles of various sizes create a level of visual interest in keeping with the linear nature of contemporary design aesthetics. With seven differently sized rectangles and five color options, this paving series makes depth easy when attempting to pair modern aspects of design with the versatility of size and shape.
Best Driveway Pavers for a Large Variety of Size and Shape in New Rochelle, NY


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