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3 Things to Consider When Selecting Driveway Pavers in Mohegan Lake, NY


The title image features Courtstone pavers


If your driveway needs repair or replacing, pavers could be a way to add character, value, and visual appeal to your home. Aside from aesthetics (driveway pavers are available in a wide range of styles), here are three things to consider when selecting driveway pavers in Mohegan Lake, NY.  



Strength and Durability

Strength and durability could be the number-one consideration when choosing a surface for your driveway. As you have probably experienced, an asphalt or poured concrete driveway doesn’t last long. Both tend to develop cracks, which signal the beginning of the end of the driveway: Patches are ugly, and once a crack develops, it’s only a matter of time before there are more, and the driveway needs refinishing. Over the years, this can add up to a fair amount of hassle and money.


Pavers, on the other hand, are extremely long-lasting. Instead of a solid surface, a paver driveway is made up of individual pavers, which means that a properly installed paver driveway will not experience heaving due to the freeze-thaw cycle or cracking due to vehicular loads. Plus, repairs are easier: In the unlikely occurrence of a paver needing replacing, it can be done without disturbing the rest of the driveway.


Town Hall (a richly blended brick paver) and Richcliff (a flagstone-inspired paver) are two pavers from Unilock that feature Ultima Concrete Technology, which makes these pavers up to four times as strong as conventional poured concrete. 




If your home isn’t boring, your driveway shouldn’t be, either. Both Town Hall and Richcliff are part of the exclusive Elegance series, which features deep, rich colors and unique ultra-realistic textures for a driveway that is not only functional, but visually stunning.

Granito Hex pavers from Unilock feature a trending honeycomb shape and boldly mottled granite look, which will give your driveway incredible character.


Artline pavers from Unilock can create a driveway with an unexpected and dynamic twist. Artline is available in random bundles of seven different rectangular shapes varying lengths and widths, along with two finishes.


Achieve a timeless old-world look with Tribeca Cobble or Courtstone cobbles. 


Don’t stop there. Unilock offers 23 different pavers suitable for driveway use, and each one could bring a unique charm to your home.




Town Hall pavers can also be installed on a permeable base, which will keep your driveway drier after heavy rains or when the snow is melting. 


Brussels Block pavers feature the weathered appearance of tumbled quarry stone. With this paver option from Unilock, you could have a relaxed and welcoming driveway that is absolutely fuss-free.


If you’re concerned about snow plows or shovels scratching the surface of your new pavers, don’t be. A popular and effective solution is to install a driveway heating system, which will virtually eliminate the need for snow removal. When the system is installed on a permeable driveway (such as Town Hall, Hex pavers, or Eco-Priora), the melted snow will seep into the ground instead of running off (and creating icy puddles downhill from your driveway). 


Check out the Unilock Dream page for inspiration on eye-catching driveways that put a smile on your face every time you come home.

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