Top 4 Unilock Interlocking Pavers for Your Fairfield, CT, Outdoor Grilling Area

Top 4 Unilock Interlocking Pavers for Your Fairfield, CT, Outdoor Grilling Area


Your outdoor grilling area is at the center of your summer barbecues and pool parties, housing the snacks and drinks that everyone is after. As a result, this part of your hardscape needs to look its best and bear a certain degree of resistance to regular wear and tear. Here are a few reliable Unilock pavers that are both versatile and durable, allowing you to refine and finesse your outdoor grilling area with the peace of mind that your investment will withstand the test of time.



These pavers combine a timeworn appearance with modern technology and innovation. Guaranteed to resist both splitting and fading, these brick-like pavers can add a touch of Old World class to your outdoor grilling area. Unilock utilizes Reala Surface Technology to imbue each paver with a convincing brick-like shape and texture, casting various molds from authentic brick in order to achieve realistic replicas. Despite the addition of unique details to each Copthorne paver, their dimensions remain the same to ensure that installation goes off without a hitch. As well as the warm, traditional brick color options of Burgundy Red, Old Oak and Burnt Clay, these pavers are available in a dark Basalt shade and Steel Blue which can be used to create outdoor spaces with a gothic or mysterious look and feel. Consider utilizing a lightly colored jointing material between them to make the slightly irregular edges of each paver pop.


Town Hall

These pavers bear a similar look and feel to Copthorne pavers and are available in many of the same shades. However, these pavers offer larger proportions, while retaining that characteristic timeworn look for which Copthorne pavers are renowned. Town Hall pavers are available in a range of rich shades such as Old Oak and Burgundy Red. These colors bear red undertones that pair excellently with their complementary counterpart on the color wheel – green. Therefore, they help to highlight vegetation in the landscape. These pavers are manufactured using Ultima Concrete Technology, which grants each paver up to four times the strength of poured concrete. This compressive strength is incredibly handy in outdoor areas that receive frequent foot traffic – like the grill area.

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Despite the classic Roman inspiration behind these slim Mattoni pavers, they are excellently suited to modern hardscapes. The Cocoa Brown color variation pairs excellently with distinctly modern features such as crisp white upholstery and cool grey concrete or stone features. This shade is inherently part of the standard color palette for any modern design – indoors and out. The Dark Charcoal color variation packs a visual punch and is an excellent candidate for outdoor kitchens that make a statement. Pair these pavers with black countertops and verticals for a sleek, modern design. This color scheme will allow the chrome elements of your grill to stand out and can be accentuated by strip lights nestled underneath the edges of countertops and cabinets. The Sable Blend color variation bears a unique distressed appearance that pairs stunningly with rustic outdoor rooms and shabby-chic kitchens.



These fresh and unprecedented pavers can add an edge to any contemporary outdoor area. The Nuvola and Castano color variations offer spontaneous transitions in color that result in captivating, ever-changing paved surfaces that are one-of-a-kind. The Castano color variation is warm and inviting, contributing a crisp appearance to an outdoor room that pairs well with an abundance of greenery. The Cremo color variation is the epitome of elegance and sophistication, giving outdoor areas a distinctly indoor look and feel. Senzo pavers are perfectly suited to outdoor kitchens and grilling areas because they are non-slip and protected by EasyClean Stain Resistance.

The title image features a Copthorne paver patio.


Top 4 Unilock Interlocking Pavers for Your Fairfield, CT, Outdoor Grilling Area