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Why Now Could Be the Perfect Time to Plan Your Pool Deck in Long Island, NY


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Summer may have given way to the crisp temperatures of fall, but it’s not too early to plan for next year. Here’s why now could be the perfect time to plan your pool deck in Long Island, NY.


Planning a pool deck is a process that should be done carefully, so that you’re completely satisfied with the result. 


Considerations include the architectural style of your home, the pool design, the surrounding landscape, and your own aesthetic preferences. Your Unilock Authorized Contractor can help you decide on the style of pavers that will meet these criteria, but here’s what to look for:


Safety First


Choosing the right pavers for your pool surround could begin with safety. A lot of water can be splashed onto the pool deck, which could create a slick film. Unilock pavers, whether they’re textured or smooth, feature a grippy, non-slip surface that remains safe when wet. Even smooth pavers have a slightly pebbled texture that remains non-slip whether it’s dry or wet.


A popular pool deck paver is Beacon Hill Smooth. Inspired by natural flagstone, this paver could contribute to a relaxed look around your pool. But it’s not too rustic. The contemporary colors, smooth texture, and large sizes will give your pool area a distinctly contemporary feel.


Durability and Ease of Maintenance


A pool deck is a surface that takes a lot of abuse: Staining and etching from pool chemicals, fading from UV rays, damage from the freeze-thaw cycle, and spilled food and beverages can quickly cause deterioration of inferior poolside materials. Fortunately, Unilock pavers can withstand the demands of a poolside setting.


A paver such as Umbriano (a granite-inspired smooth-textured paver) is protected by EasyClean stain resistance, which makes maintenance easy: Just wipe up spills and you will not have to worry that contaminants could cause staining. Umbriano pavers resist damage from pool chemicals, cleaners, or even deicing salts.


Expressing Your Style


Style is the consideration many people start with when choosing pool deck pavers. You may already know what you want, or feel like you’re starting with a blank slate. Check out the Unilock Dream page for pool patio inspiration, or talk to your Unilock Authorized Contractor about recommendations for top-rated pool-friendly pavers.


What Happens Next?


The decision on which pool patio pavers to use isn’t the end of the design process. Depending on the scope of the pool surround and how many special features you choose—such as a pergola, fire feature, water feature, outdoor kitchen, retaining walls, steps, and so on—the landscape design process can be quite lengthy. 


Starting the process in spring, when contractors are already filling up their calendars, could mean significant delays in starting your project, which means you may not be able to enjoy your new pool area during the summer. Starting now—when landscaping contractors are entering the slow season—means your design will be ready to go as soon as your crews can break ground in spring.


Consider the time it takes to install a new inground pool (if that’s part of your project), the availability of materials and contractors, as well as the permitting and inspection process, which can cause further delays. 


Starting your design process now will give you ample time to choose the best pavers and create the perfect layout so that when the project begins in early spring, you may be able to upgrade on a few features.


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