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6 Pavers That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Investing in your hardscape is a long-term commitment to a particular design and paver selection, as patios, fire pits and pool decks aren’t features to be replaced every year. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the pavers you select for your hardscape will remain fashionable even as time passes. Here are 6 timeless Unilock pavers that will never go out of style.


The unique beauty of natural stone is one aesthetic that is guaranteed to withstand the test of time. Unilock Thornbury pavers mimic the textures, irregular edges and subtle color variations of natural stone while retaining all the affordability and endurance of concrete pavers. Bringing the best of a variety of hardscaping materials to the table, these pavers can grant you a natural, effortless backyard that remains breathtaking and undamaged year after year. Thornbury pavers pair well with generous greenery, showcased by this tranquil pool deck. The design of the pool also incorporates curved shapes and irregular rock features, contributing further to the natural appearance of the space. The dark Courtstone border, which is equally ageless, serves to outline the distinct areas within the landscape and break up the larger expanses of Thornbury pavers.


One indicator that a paving material will last the ages is the fact that it has already been used for centuries. Courtstone pavers, which are a Unilock re-engineering of classic cobblestones, still win the favor of countless homeowners and make for beautiful patios and walkways. Whether they are used to blend into lush, rustic landscapes or serve as a relief to geometric pavers in a contemporary setting – these pavers can be used in virtually any design. Available in a wide variety of neutral colors, they can act as borders and accents that either complement or contrast other hardscape elements.


Umbriano pavers are the definition of sophistication and elegance – two characteristics that will remain sought after in fashion and design for decades to come. Their captivating surfaces bear subtle color gradations that add a unique flair to every individual paver and serve to reflect the beauty of granite. Umbriano pavers are available in a neutral palette which is compatible with virtually any furniture selection or architectural style. This patio showcases how the Autumn Sunset shade pairs beautifully with both natural elements and modern furniture. The motif and borders add interest to the patio floor and comprise shades that complement the Umbriano pavers and make the sandy tones within them ‘pop’.

Beacon Hill Flagstone

It has been established that one can’t go wrong with natural stone, no matter the era you find yourself in. Beacon Hill Flagstone is an excellent flagstone substitute that is compatible with a wide range of applications and designs. A pleasant contrast between rustic textures and modern, geometric elements has been created within this poolside patio. The fire pit, pool and overall shape of the hardscaped space have sharp, defined edges while the patio floor and low walls bear organic, timeworn textures. A design that incorporates a captivating blend of aesthetics, textures and colors remains a masterpiece throughout the ages.

Town Hall

Town Hall pavers are another example of a material that has withstood the test of time thus far and is guaranteed to remain in hardscaping for decades to come. This patio showcases the unique Heritage Red color variation offered by Unilock, which can add a personalized dash of color to any hardscaped space. Deep red hues within any surrounding soil is echoed by these pavers. Linear pavers of this size can be used to create a range of timeless paver patterns, from a running bond design to the interlocking herringbone formation utilized in this patio. An expanse of interlocking Town Hall pavers is most compatible with traditional or rustic architecture while more contemporary aesthetics should be accented by a minimalistic Town Hall border instead.


A neutral palette is clearly one of the windows to a timeless design, making excellent candidates of these elegant, muted Unilock Artline pavers. In one of their colder color variations like French Grey or Winter Marvel, these pavers pair best with contemporary hardscapes like this one. Their geometric edges and plank-like shapes are also perfect companions to modern designs. However, in the sandy Tuscany shade, these pavers can blend into a more bohemian design enveloped in vegetation and adorned with colorful furniture and items. Whichever design these pavers are utilized for, their chic appearance will not go out of style.
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