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5 Wall Blocks for Stunning Vertical Landscape Elements and Retaining Walls

Vertical elements such as walls, pillars and retaining walls give a landscape depth and form. They’re also an excellent way of introducing color, lines and texture. Low walls and retaining walls are just what you need for enclosing outdoor areas or confining an intimate patio, and will instantly boost curb appeal with their immediate charm. The following wall blocks from Unilock offer everything from neat modernity to a rugged antique aesthetic, perfect for creating character in the landscape of your home.

Belmuro Wall

Belmuro Wall is the perfect complement to a contemporary backyard design. The clean lines and strong horizontal emphasis are typical of a modern look, but will support more traditional landscapes as well. The soft cream coloring of the Summer Wheat color variation pictured above provides a sunny personality to any outdoor space. The gentle reds of the Autumn Sunset variation are ideal for enriching an area with vibrant warmth, while the Midnight Sky and Winter Marvel variations have a subtle cooling effect, with their dark and light charcoal coloring respectively. Belmuro Wall has a smooth surface texture that makes it perfect for complementing a highly textured patio, or drawing attention to the rich textures within the surrounding environment.

Estate Wall

Estate Wall’s tumbled blocks are perfect for achieving a deep, rugged natural stone texture, befitting of a rustic or country themed landscape. The naturalistic surface textures combine with precision cuts to ensure that despite their randomized look, Estate Wall stones always fit together perfectly. The variety of shapes and warm, earthy colors of Estate Wall ensures freedom of creativity in the design and layout of vertical elements. The versatility of this block extends from permanent benches, pillars, retaining walls and low walls, to outdoor kitchen grill islands and bars. For a truly timeless, naturalistic look for your landscape’s vertical elements, Estate Wall is unrivaled and features its own coping to match.

Rivercrest Wall

Rivercrest Wall features the randomized, natural texture of stacked flagstone for injecting rich texture, fine detail and visual interest into your outdoor areas. Vertical elements constructed from Rivercrest Wall are both visually interesting (because of their rich arrangement) and unassuming (because of the subtle, earthy colors). The two color variations, Buff and Coastal Slate, are both fairly neutral, with Buff providing subtle warmth and lightness, and Coastal Slate being a touch cooler. Rivercrest Wall is ideal for seat walls, pillars and steps. The multitude of sizes of horizontal “slates” ensures a vertical surface that is natural and never monotonous. The dark banding here contrasts with the light gray of Coastal Slate while providing a strong accent and regularity to the design.

Roman Wall

This versatile wall block will appear as if it harks back to the earliest days of your home’s property, such is its split and timeworn surface. In the picture above, you can see how well the rugged surface goes alongside naturalistic stacked rock formations and the bulkier texture of boulder walls or features. There’s very little Roman Wall can’t be used for, with sizes and shapes allowing for curved or meandering walls, tapered wall faces (like the one above), as well as all manner of pillars, steps and seat walls. Roman Wall is best paired with traditional architecture for a weathered historical feel, or rustic furnishings for a unique Old World impression.

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Lineo Dimensional Stone

Once again, the clean horizontal lines of this plank-like block make it ideal for modern and contemporary design, with the light gray of the Limestone color variation providing subtlety and the earthy browns of the Sierra and Almond Grove variations giving off a gentle, natural warmth. Lineo Dimensional Stone has a fine texture, but is rich with detail when viewed close-up. This makes it ideal for yards with a great variety of textures present in foliage and bark, allowing the landscape to take centre-stage. As shown in the photograph above, Lineo Dimensional Stone pairs perfectly with greenery, autumn reds, woody browns and the lighter, gentler colors of baby blue and beige as well, allowing a wide variety of color options for your landscape and outdoor spaces.

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5 Wall Blocks for Stunning Vertical Landscape Elements and Retaining Walls, Medford Lakes, NJ


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