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Classic Pavers vs EnduraColor Pavers

As you’re exploring Unilock products, you may come upon the terms “classic pavers” and “EnduraColor pavers” or “thru-mix pavers” and “facemix pavers”– but what do these terms mean? And what is the difference between them?

Classic Pavers and EnduraColor pavers are manufactured in the same factory and on the same type of presses. Structurally, both pavers are just as strong as each other, and can be used in similar applications. Both pavers come with a Lifetime Warranty from Unilock for the structural integrity.

So what, then, is the difference? The difference lies in the surface.

Classic pavers (also known as thru-mix pavers) are made using the original paver manufacturing technology: aggregate (stone pieces), color and cement is mixed into one batch and is distributed “thru” the entire stone, from bottom to top. Classic pavers are strong, but over time, with wear and tear from daily use, their color may appear to fade. While the pigment itself is not fading significantly, the thin pigmented slurry that covers any small stone chips that are near the surface is gradually eroded, exposing the aggregate and giving the appearance of color fading. However, the actual pigment has not really faded, it’s just that you see less of it on the surface because the aggregate is peeking through. This is normal and not necessarily a bad thing. In some cases, cleaners and sealers can often brighten these pavers so they will have a new, refreshed appearance.

EnduraColor pavers, (also known as face-mix pavers) are manufactured with two layers that are integrally molded to for the paver. The bottom layer is a classic mixture of concrete. The top is made of a layer of specialty aggregates, cement and pigment that is pressed into the top ¼” to 3/8” of that classic layer. The particles in the face-mix layer are notably smaller than those found in a classic paver, resulting in a very tight surface texture, better color retention, and a much better overall appearance over time, compared to Classic pavers.

EnduraColor pavers do not require sealing to maintain their rich color, due to the high concentration of pigmented cement and lack of larger aggregates that typically become exposed to give the faded appearance that is experienced with classic pavers. While you can seal a face-mix product, it’s not recommended as you’re turning a low-maintenance product into one that requires regular maintenance, to reapply and maintain the sealer. Classic pavers, however, do benefit from sealing. This helps to protect that pigmented slurry and surface-level aggregates.

Here at Unilock, we’ve been producing classic thru-mix pavers and EnduraColor face-mix pavers for decades and believe that although both types will provide many years of enjoyment, we recommend choosing EnduraColor pavers for your project for a longer-lasting surface in terms of both beauty and performance.


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