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Paving Sealing: What Is It and Is It Right for Me?

Paving Sealing: What Is It and Is It Right for Me?

Sealing your pavers is less about maintenance and more about aesthetics. Unilock concrete pavers don’t require regular sealing — they are designed to provide homeowners with long-lasting, maintenance-free, beautiful surfaces for years to come. For those who decide to take this optional step, resealing has to be done every three to five years or so, but many find it worth the effort to maintain color vibrancy and prevent staining. It can achieve that just-finished look, years after the installation is over and you’ve done that first walk-through over your pristine pavers. Proper sealing can help preserve that appearance, frozen in time, for years to come.

Unilock pavers are made to last. They’re manufactured to be weather-resistant, UV-resistant, and they will retain their beauty year after year. But foot traffic, heavy freeze-thaw cycles, and acidic precipitation can affect the surface appearance of pavers. After all, weather carved some of the most magnificent rock formations in nature, and even though your pavers are manufactured with built-in resistance, that extra layer of protection can help reduce the appearance of fading and repel stains.


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All the Benefits

Aside from color protection and stain resistance, the right sealer can stabilize the jointing sand and provide additional protection from weed growth and mildew. Unilock sealers come in various finishes from flat matte to reflective gloss styles, and a professional application can truly enhance the beauty of an already compelling installation.


The Sealing Process

Chances are, you’ll want to turn to the same contractor who installed your pavers for sealing. Unilock Authorized Contractors are carefully chosen for their reliability, expertise, and smart business practices.

Proper preparation of the surface prior to sealing is key. The pavers must be thoroughly cleaned. When they are first installed, naturally occurring salts in the pavers can cause a whitish haze on the surface called efflorescence, which is important to remove before the sealant is applied. If efflorescence is going to occur, it generally happens within a couple of months after installation, and fades with time. But to be sure, after a new installation, it’s best to wait at least three months before sealing pavers for the first time.

Once completed, it’s essential to let the sealer dry, to let the joint sand soak it up, and to keep traffic away during the period recommended by the manufacturer. Typically, that’s at least 72 hours, and allowing for that drying and curing time is as important as properly applying the sealer itself.

The sealant will wear with time, of course, but generally, you don’t need to reseal at intervals less than three to five years to keep your pavers protected, prevent weed growth, and keep the original color vibrant and deep. Be sure that the same sealant that was originally applied is used in the resealing process. Different sealers could affect the bonding that occurs between the two sets of sealants and could also result in a chemical reaction that leads to a milky appearance. If the previously used sealant is unknown, your contractor can do a test to make sure an appropriate sealant is used when it comes time to reseal.


Preserving Your Pavers

Sealed pavers keep your landscape design looking like new, preserving your investment. Your dividends come from retaining the luxurious beauty you’ve curated for your landscape and the curb appeal you’ve built up. For homeowners who are particular enough to put effort into the choice of colors, textures, and materials, protecting pavers from the effects of time, weather, and sun is a given on their to-do list. And those who design beautiful products, who care deeply about the nuances of color and understand the slight touches that can a have huge visual impact, know preservation is a priority for ensuring full enjoyment of outdoor living and all that entails. As committed partners to your project, every step of the way, we can help guide you in your choice of pavers and any possible maintenance requirements that come with them (Unilock pavers require very little maintenance).

Our design sensibilities are uniquely sophisticated and nuanced with variegated color-texture combinations and worldly designs. Our products empower you to realize your vision with nearly infinite combinations of texture and color.

Paving Sealing: What Is It and Is It Right for Me?


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