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How Choosing the Right Paver Pattern Can Enhance Your Patio and Pool Deck

How Choosing the Right Paver Pattern Can Enhance Your Patio and Pool Deck

By customizing the laying pattern for your patio, pool deck, and walkways, a Unilock Authorized Contractor can highlight key features, keep backyard spaces distinct, complement the design theme of your patio, and make a huge difference to the overall impression of your hardscape design. Here’s how this can be achieved, and why it’s worth giving your paver laying pattern some thought:


An Organic Appearance

For a landscape design that is rich with natural detail, free-flowing lines, and rugged, organic appeal, choosing a paver laying pattern that reflects spontaneity is important. A randomized laying pattern has a more naturalistic appearance and consists of a repeated pattern that is less discernibly structured than a simple running bond or gridlike arrangement. This type of laying pattern is achieved by incorporating pavers of multiple shapes and sizes. Richcliff(https://unilock.com/products/enduracolor-plus/richcliff/) pavers, for example, are available in multiple sizes, including large, medium, and small rectangles, as well as square units. These units can be arranged to form over 10 different pre-designed laying patterns that are available to view, download, or print by scrolling to the bottom of this page and clicking the Laying Patterns tab.


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A Modern Theme

Similarly, a modern theme can be complemented by using pavers with crisp jointing lines arranged in a more ordered laying pattern. One example of this is to use Beacon Hill Smooth XL units to create a neat running bond laying pattern throughout your patio and pool deck. The large size of this paver, coupled with its refined surface texture, creates a clean modern effect that doesn’t require a complicated laying pattern. Alternatively, consider the coursed ashlar laying patterns that are possible with the elongated, plank-like shapes and sizes offered by Artline pavers. The lateral emphasis and crisp graphic detail of Artline is ideal for a modern hardscape surface with a more varied laying pattern.


Traditional Charm

Achieving a traditional appearance for your patio, walkways, or pool deck is as simple as opting for a brick-style paver, such as Town Hall or Copthorne. These two pavers both come in a single size and can be used to create paver patterns that are traditionally associated with brick pavers, such as herringbone, running bond, and basket weave patterns. Utilizing Town Hall or Copthorne in one of these paver laying patterns will contribute to a classic aesthetic that speaks of warmth, comfort, and tradition.


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Visually Separating Areas

Changing the paver laying pattern, or even the direction of the laying pattern, from one area to the next can help to create a visual difference between the two areas. This distinction can be more subtle than using low walls to separate the spaces; however, this technique can also be used in conjunction with low walls, borders, or steps to enhance the effect. For example, changing your laying pattern from a running bond to a herringbone pattern with a double border in between, or changing the direction of a randomized pattern of Umbriano pavers by 45 degrees with Ledgestone coping and a short drop, or an Estate Wall seating wall as a transition, can result in a well-polished, highly refined design.


Accentuate Circular Spaces

Selecting a paver laying pattern that corresponds with the shape of a small patio or outdoor living area can help to accentuate the geometry of the area. This is particularly noticeable when employed in small, circular patios. For example, having Courtstone pavers arranged in a circular laying pattern to fill up a small, round patio can set that patio apart. The same effect can be achieved by surrounding circular features, such as hot tubs and fire pits, with a circular laying pattern, placing these features at the center of attention.


Making a Space Appear Larger

Using a simple laying pattern with a large format paver, such as Beacon Hill Flagstone XL, can help to reduce the appearance of jointing lines and thereby make your patio or pool deck appear more expansive, with fewer lines to break up the surface. The direction of the laying pattern can also affect the perception of the length or breadth of the area. For example, if rectangular pavers are laid in a running bond or stack bond laying pattern in the same direction as a narrow space, the hardscape can seem even longer and narrower, whereas running the pattern crossways can make it appear shorter and wider. In addition, utilizing paver laying patterns to differentiate between two outdoor rooms, as opposed to using vertical structures, as mentioned earlier, can make the space appear more open and therefore more spacious.


Making a Space More Intimate

Conversely, by using smaller pavers, such as Mattoni, in a herringbone laying pattern, where jointing lines are highly visible and run in multiple directions, the space can be given the illusion of appearing smaller, and therefore more cozy and intimate. Mattoni is also an ideal option for creating this sort of effect because of its deep, warm color options, including Sable Blend and Cocoa Brown.


The title image features an Umbriano pool deck and patio with Town Hall accents, an Estate Wall grill island and low walls, and Ledgestone coping.


How Choosing the Right Paver Pattern Can Enhance Your Patio and Pool Deck


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