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Umbriano – a fine jewel in
the Unilock crown

With its smooth, modern lines, soft bevelled edges and fine granite particles, the Umbriano paver from Unilock knows how to make an entrance – or a patio, pool deck and even a driveway for that matter.

First introduced in 2007, Umbriano’s timeless look of rich granite has captivated homeowners seeking a chic, modern aesthetic for their outdoor patio projects. Itsdistinctive mottled finish is courtesy of ColorFusion technology, which randomly disperses grains of real granite and flecks of color into each paver.

Available in an extra-large slab for stunning expansive spaces, or in a random bundle of three pieces (a large and small rectangle and one square) for unique pattern placement, Umbriano is a beautifully versatile paver for a number of pattern placements and purposes.

Set the scene for an outdoor kitchen

An extension of the heart of the home, the outdoor kitchen is quickly gaining popularity. With many outdoor kitchens featuring granite countertops, Umbriano with its granite-like finish is a perfect complement. Beyond its beautiful form, Umbriano is also a functional choice for the outdoor cooking and eating area. Factory-sealed with Unilock’s proprietary EasyClean technology, Umbriano pavers are stain-resistant making clean-up a breeze around outdoor kitchens, dining areas and other high traffic areas.

Perfect by the pool

When used to surround an in-ground pool, Umbriano pavers create a deck that is both stunning and safe. They resist the absorption of summer heat to keep bare feet comfortable, and the slip-resistant surface prevents falls even when the deck is wet. What’s more, Umbriano pavers deliver on durability. They are unaffected by chlorine and salt water, and they are abrasion-resistant, which means no worries about scrapes from sun umbrellas and heavy patio furniture.

Strong enough for a driveway

The delicate look of Umbriano belies its incredible strength. Umbriano is tough enough to withstand the weight of driveway traffic thanks to EnduraColor technology – a two-step manufacturing process that combines a base of coarse aggregates for a stronger foundation with concentrated color and wear-resistant fine aggregates on top. An Umbriano driveway will graciously weather the elements of snow and rain, and resist fading for years to come.

Make a grand entrance

Available in French Grey, Summer Wheat, Winter Marvel and Midnight Sky, Umbriano pavers can be combined to match your home’s style and enhance its curb appeal when used in walkways and distinctive entranceways. For visual interest, add character to your entrance with the addition of a half wall using the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System from Unilock, which can also be created with Umbriano pavers.

Whether it’s the look of rich granite, its versatility in any paver setting or its strength and durability, there are countless reasons why Umbriano is a long-time Unilock gem. Talk to a Unilock Authorized Contractor about Umbriano today.

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