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Why you should consider having your landscape project designed in 3D

Uvision® is a powerful and realistic 3D landscape design software from Unilock that is used by landscapers across North America. Nothing is more inspiring and exciting than seeing what your potential landscape would actually look like in real life. Uvision makes this entirely possible by rendering your 2D design into a 3D design. That’s why you should start your planning process in 2D, ensuring that all of the elevations and measurements are accurate and in place. Then simply with the click of a mouse, the 3D rendering of your project can be made. Both static images and video walk-throughs can be generated to bring things to life. Virtual reality goggles can give you an even more realistic experiential look into your project.

The most exciting thing about these 3D renderings is that you have the ability to change colors, products, textures, and more, with the click of a mouse.

In 3D mode, Uvision will show you the impact of night lighting, shade and privacy. This will help you in the strategic placement of trees, hedges, shrubbery and swimming pools.

Although Uvision software is not difficult to learn, you may want to work with a Unilock Authorized Contractor or a trained landscape designer/architect to do a set of 2D and 3D drawings for you. They are generally more experienced with design and will know how to use the software. They can make recommendations based on the elevations of your property, the type of home you have, and of course, your personal design tastes. Even if you are planning to do some of the actual installation work yourself, you should still have a professional design made with Uvision. However, if you are someone who enjoys playing around with new software, you can download the Uvision Trial Version for free [link] and watch the tutorials on the Unilock website [link] on how to use the software. The trial version is fully functional, but has only a tiny library of pavers, walls and trees.

The full version of Uvision comes with a robust library of paver and retaining wall colors, styles and patterns. You can even import the exact brick of your home by importing a photo of your house exterior wall which will provide you with a very accurate representation of what the pavers will look like against your house. The icing on the cake is the library of over 12,000 flowers, grasses, shrubs, trees and objects to make your design complete. There is even a setting that allows you to see what your plants look like during any season of the year.

Irrigation, water features, fencing, decking and swimming pools are also a huge part of Uvision. All the features combined in Uvision will help make your final design look as real as possible. This is why contractors rely on this software so much. With Uvision, they can expertly portray the finished project and remove the fear of the unknown.


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